Unless clear procedures are in place for staff, it is likely that employees will face one of the most dangerous consequences of long-distance work to date – burnout. (thodonal / Adobe Stock)

After two difficult times of uncertainty, forced isolation, and the constant fear of getting COVID-19, many of your employees are likely to feel the effects of the epidemic on their health.

They may have higher levels of stress, like almost half of all Canadians surveyed by Canadian Statistics last year. They may have gained as much weight as more than 40 percent of Canadians, according to a recent study by the University of Dalhaus. Or they may have started taking medication to treat depression or anxiety.

As a human resources specialist, you are in a unique position to help people in your organization improve their health in 2022.

In my experience, given the pressures of COVID-19, here are my top seven tips for keeping your employees healthy in the New Year.

Make New Year’s resolutions a healthy routine

It happens at the beginning of every year. We all decide to eat healthier food, exercise regularly, and take better care of ourselves. In 2022, help employees make their decisions a daily routine by including healthy actions in their calendar. Encourage them to set daily reminders about a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and staying hydrated throughout the day. Eliminate signals prompting them to take breaks, create opportunities to exchange information on important health topics, such as getting enough exercise, and getting enough sleep.

Make sure they set healthy boundaries

Do your employees send emails after midnight, or if they go to a physical workplace, do you notice that some are left behind while everyone is on their way to the exit? Inform employees that it is possible to create և maintain boundaries between work և home և. You can start by urging managers to avoid contact with their team members after business hours ել Set realistic deadlines for the project. You can even consider enforcing these boundaries, at least until they are part of your workplace culture.

Help them feel connected

Encourage your employees to engage in activities և programs that strengthen their social connections, even if they continue to work at a safe distance from each other. Organize group challenges that take everyone to the outdoors, such as taking a short walk with family or neighbors every day. Then ask them to post pictures of these activities on your organization’s intranet or social media page. It’s a good way to keep employees accountable and committed to the program.

Promote your health plans

Make sure your employees are aware of all the health plans available through their health care provider or directly through your organization. Do they have access to cognitive behavioral therapy through your employee support program, or online gym meditation classes that offer corporate discounts to your company? Can they get nutrition advice or advice from a nutritionist? While these programs may be written in your health benefits booklet, it is a good idea to highlight them in your employee communication.

Mention and respect the holidays

Employees often find it difficult to leave work, even when they are on vacation. Encourage your employees to take eligible leave կանոն Make it a rule for all employees on leave to create out-of-office email և voicemail messages that include the support team member անունը տվյալ contact information. Managers and co-workers may know that they should not contact their resting teammate if they simply do not want to know about the weather.

Send reminders about annual inspections

It is likely that many of your employees have not had their annual medical examination in the last two years. Encourage them to spend some time in 2022 seeing their primary care physician as well as other caregivers, such as their physiotherapist or dentist. Even if they feel that they are in good shape now, it is possible to maintain their health, at least at the beginning of the year, to find out about their physical and mental health.

Refer them to a pharmacist

This is a reminder that in addition to providing medication, pharmacists have the training and knowledge to lead patients to better physical and mental health. With about 39,000 licensed pharmacists in Canada, we are one of the most accessible health care providers in the country. Some of them, for example, those who work at Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy, can be reached even 24/7. The pharmacist is always inside.

Stephanie Meiner-Nham is Chief Executive Officer for Express Scripts Canada’s Human Resources: Privacy Policy.