Editor’s note. This is the second in a series of stories that will present the potential impact of donation details of a recent $ 32.3 million donation to Arkansas-based Arkansas Schools of Health Education to expand multiple health research programs. The link is here the first story.

Partnership with Arkansas College of Health Education (ACHE) և Brightwater: Food Research Center will bring nutrition education հնարավորություն culinary arts qualifications to many in and around Fort Smith.

$ 32.3 million anonymous donation The Arkansas Schools of Health Education, announced June 22, 2012, will support a holistic approach to health and well-being, including partnerships with public schools, art centers, a community park, Brightwater, and Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC).

The donation creates a donation that will pay for the construction of the ACHE facility at, 1000 Fianna Way for staff and project costs. ACHE acquired the former Golden Life headquarters in 2020 to house a medical research facility և Health և Health Education Center. The five-story facility, now known as the ACHE Research Institute Health and Wellness Center, is in progress and should be completed within two years.

Brightwater has signed an agreement with ACHE to create integrated K-12 art curricula to focus on healthy eating. Food Research Center Brightwater provides comprehensive programming focused on changing the paradigm of culinary education and nutrition skills. ACHE և Brightwater is collaborating with the Integrated Culinary Arts և Nutrition Pilot Study in Fort Smith Public Schools (FSPS). During the summer, ACHE supported training at Brightwater and funded classroom equipment.

This fall semester, which began Monday (August 16th), Fairview, Cook և Ballman Elementary School Teachers will begin teaching nutrition through mobile trolleys և Tower Gardens, an ACHE-provided indoor gardening system. Students will learn about the effects of gardening and cooking nutrition.

“The Fort Smith Public School District is constantly looking for innovative ways to meet the individual needs of our students. The partnership with ACHE enables kindergarten students to experience the integration of culinary arts within core standards, ”said Martin Mahan, FSPS Deputy Inspector. “This collaboration will create excitement, relevance, content, it will have a long-term impact on our students’ nutrition, health and well-being. We are honored to have this partnership with ACHE. ”

But food ական culinary education will not be limited to elementary school students. Dr. Elizabeth McClain, ACHE’s Chief Health Officer, said those interested in culinary arts and food science will have the opportunity to benefit from the ACHE / Brightwater partnership. High school students will be able to work together to earn an associate’s degree, as well as a high school diploma, McClain said.

“Arkansas law allows for double enrollment or simultaneous credit, where high school students can enroll in college-level courses under certain conditions,” he said.

Formal arrangements will be made between Brightwater’s “schools of interest in the area,” including the FSPS PEAK Innovation Center, to provide programming for both high schools and Brightwater campuses that meet Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) standards, McClain said.

The partnership between Arkansas Health Education Colleges and the Peak Innovation Center supports the goals of Fort Smith Public Schools Vision 2023, helping to enable students across the region to explore high-quality skills, careers in demand in the health sciences, and more. We are excited to have excellent community support և higher education partnerships that fully support our students, ”said Dr. Gary Uduj, FSPS Career Education և Regional Innovation Director.

Students will have the opportunity to re-enroll in Brightwater, where they can receive an associate’s degree and a high school diploma. Brightwater will offer Craft Certificates in Catering (Baking և Culinary Arts) for those who are interested in additional training skills but do not have the time or need for a degree. In addition, a traditional associate degree in food research will be offered, McClain said.

“Graduates of the (Association Degree) will benefit from the official agreements of Brightwater with higher education institutions, where students will be able to transfer degree credits to apply to the completion of a four-year bachelor’s degree,” he said.

ACHE / Brightwater will also offer community culinary awareness programs that are open to the public, McClain said. These will include ethnic cuisine ծրագր culinary arts programs, food disease management / prevention, budget to table kitchen budget, etc.
The diversity of ACHE’s diet program will enable culinary arts experiences that focus on making new nutritious cuisines, international cuisine, and impact on new healthy foods, including wine and beverage pairs. These programs will be available to individuals, community organizations և groups such as corporate / employee groups who want to have creative options to improve their nutrition և health.

ACHE will work with organizations such as United Road to Fort Smith, Antioch Youth և Family և.

The goal of the ACHE / Brightwater partnership is to engage all members of the community, McClain said. He said that the contributions of community members և organizations will be used to develop programs that meet the needs, whether they are healthy food, culinary knowledge or skills և the confidence needed to create healthy food.

“We plan to listen, learn from the community, develop programming that is diverse, and improve the lives of our community with visitors from outside our community,” McClain said.

Key to meeting these needs is ACHE’s partnership with the Van Buuren Arts and Education Center, which will enable ACHE to expand its access to the arts, including culinary arts and catering.

“We look forward to working together on our culinary projects to make these opportunities more accessible to the community,” McClain said.

The new CAE building, located at E. Main Street 415 in Van Buuren, due to open in early 2022, will include a culinary kitchen designed for cooking and cooking classes for all ages.

The Arts Education Center shares core values ​​with Arkansas Schools of Health Education around the benefits of all people of the arts. Communities are built on two elements: collaboration and creativity. Based on these two elements, communities rich in the arts, art education and STEAM education programs become a thriving environment for growth, health and well-being, ”said Jane Ein Owen, CAE Executive Director.