SALISBOYRI – Rowan Chamber of Commerce և Novant Health Rowan Medical Center recently donated the Novant Health Corporate Health Cup at 10 Food Lion Store at 25 Alexander St.

“Food Lion Store No. 10 and Shane Valley went further to keep their employees safe and provide our community with healthy food options during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Gary Blabon, president of Novant Health Rowan Medical Center.

The award has been given to businesses over the past six years to encourage businesses to have sustainable health plans. Previous winners of the award are Trinity Oaks, Hitachi Metals, Healthy Rowan, City of Salisbury և Rowan County.

NC is in the top three states for July jobs

RALEIGH – North Carolina added 75,600 jobs in July, according to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Employment and Unemployment Statistics.

North Carolina ranked third in the country in terms of employment. The increase in jobs also reduced the unemployment rate for the state from 4.6% in June to 4.4% in July. This makes the unemployment rate in NC lower than the national level of 5.4%.

North Carolina’s unemployment rate in July 2021 fell by 4.4 percentage points from a year earlier. The number of employed people increased by 8,361 in a month, reaching 4.78 million, and increased by 278,125 during the year. The number of unemployed decreased by 9579 in a month to 222,315, and decreased by 210,978 during the year.

Film production in North Carolina is reaching new heights

RALEIGH – North Carolina filmmakers are working to raise a record amount of money in the state, according to Gov. Roy Cooper.

Spending $ 409 million is the largest figure in the state since the North Carolina Movie and Entertainment Grant was awarded in 2014.

“We have all worked hard for this flagship year in the North Carolina film industry,” Cooper said in a press release. “With our growing community of resilient communities, inclusiveness, and diversity, North Carolina will continue to provide a beautiful platform for film projects of all sizes in every corner of the state.”

Filming in all eight zones of the state’s economic development boom this year includes eight-part series that allow you to return to North Carolina for an extra season.

The production also took place on several reality TV series, including “Evil Tuna. “Foreign Banks” և “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”, as well as in national commercials for Chevrolet, Adidas, Shell, Volvo և

Google Fiber is coming to Concord

CONCORD – Google Fiber will soon be available for Concord բնակ small businesses. Concord will be one of the eight cities in the country that will have Google Fiber as an Internet service provider.

According to the latest data from the US Census Bureau, Concord has grown by 33% in the last decade, making it one of the top ten most populous cities in the state. The growth of the city is supported by the vision of the city council և city leaders, who are committed to creating a quality place where residents can experience high-quality experiences at best.

High-speed internet access is essential to attracting future jobs while creating a thriving community with a variety of jobs, online learning and telecommunications opportunities.

“Google Fiber is changing the game at Concord,” said Mayor Lloyd Payne. “I’m excited about the many new opportunities for families, businesses and our positive growth and economic impact.”

Google Fiber has already started construction, and plans to complete the initial phase of network construction by the end of 2022. When completed, Google Fiber will offer residents one gigabit և two gigabytes of Internet services.

From left: Tracey Haywood, Timothy McGuff, Mackenzie (Buba) McLaughlin, Jacob Nichols և Laser Urbina.

Cannapolis adds five new firefighters

CANNAPOLIS – Five new firefighters have joined the Cannapolis Fire Department.

Travis Haywood, Timothy McGough, Mackenzie McLaughlin, Jacob Nichols, and Leyser Urbina completed eight weeks of fire, rescue, and medical training before joining the department.

A badge-strengthening ceremony was held at the City of Cannes to announce the completion of the training of new staff. During the ceremony, family members fastened the recruits, putting their badges on their uniforms for the first time, marking the transition from “ruit qualifier” to “Fireman”.

“I’m so proud of these new firefighters, thank you to their families, to their friends who are supporting their careers,” said Tracey Weinekoff, Cannapolis Firefighter. “Being a firefighter has always been a service profession, it is expected that they will serve the residents of our city to the best of their ability. I’m sure these guys will do everything they can to live up to those expectations. We welcome them into our family. ”

At the end of the ceremony, their firefighter was sworn in by Onat Onat en Enkins, head of training at the Cannapolis Battalion. New firefighters have been assigned to various fire stations in the city.

The Paycheck Protection Program receives more than 340,000 applications

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Small Business Administration has received more than 340,000 applications from borrowers with PPP loans of $ 150,000 or more since the opening of the Tenant Protection Program (PPP) direct borrower portal on August 4.

By launching its new, streamlined portal, the SBA is also fulfilling the goal of the Biden-Harris administration Concentration of equity in all programs. Overwhelming the debt of millions of disadvantaged small non-performing small businesses, raising the level of forgiveness of PPP borrowers will have a direct impact on helping small businesses to get out of the epidemic or access other resources.

Prior to this option, companies that did not seek forgiveness within 10 months of the end of the coverage period were at risk of paying և interest on the principal amount of their PPP loans.

“We are incredibly excited that in just two weeks, the Live Borrower Forgiveness Portal is providing a small way for small businesses to apply for forgiveness, to get help with these basic PPP loans,” said SBA’s Associate Professor Patrick Kelly. Capital Access Office. “We have already seen hundreds of thousands of borrowers who are quickly and easily guided through the process. We continue to actively assist borrowers through extensive information and webinars. We encourage all lenders to join this test portal. ”

In the two weeks since the portal opened, the SBA has received more than three times as many applications as 10 non-participating PPP lenders. Direct forgiveness, putting us in a hurry to close the forgiveness of 3.4 million direct apology borrowers by the end of the year. Currently, more than 1,230 PPP lenders, representing more than 50% of outstanding loan forgiveness applications, have opted for the Borrowers’ live forgiveness portal.

“The direct pardon platform has been very effective and efficient in processing the applications of tens of thousands of our PP borrowers. “It simply came to our notice then.. “The opinion of our borrowers has been generally positive, in the ease of completing their applications in just a few minutes. We are very proud that we played a small role in making this a reality. “

Prior to receiving a direct pardon, borrowers had to take the initiative to download pardon forms or obtain pardon forms from their banks to complete or submit. Some lenders had not yet built the technology or processes to even begin accepting pardon applications; many did not actively seek out borrowers to assist them in the process. The apology was not user-friendly, so millions of borrowers, including more than 700,000 loans in 2020, still had to submit their one-page application.

Borrowers who are interested in starting their own applications can access the PPP Direct Forgiveness Portal.

The SBA encourages interested borrowers to be present on August 19 և 26 և 2 September 2 at 2 p.m. Webinar և question and answer session to be held on the 30th.