Our health rituals change from season to season, This is especially true when it comes to summer. Whether it includes more greens in our diet or adding it to our calendars in one or two regions, longer summer days and warmer weather push us to incorporate more restorative habits into our daily routine. Now that the season is over, we are starting to think about the health care products and services that have helped us take care of ourselves over the last few months. Keep reading about all the health favorites that have helped us so much.

Ess I TS, content manager

Prepared food

Tr wisdom. I did a little cunning cooking this summer. I love the process of making nice, organic (mostly vegetable) dishes, especially with my family, but sometimes I need less time in the kitchen. Enter Splendid Spoon’s new high-protein ready-to-eat meal plans that absolutely change the game. They are not only customized, delicious, delivered directly to your door, but also really affordable. There are so many types it’s hard to say.

Wonderful spoon

Cabernet Sauvignon:

Is this a major part of summer health? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either. So delicious, crunchy, the fact that it contains less than one gram of sugar per liter is quite unbelievable. Super pro wellness tip. I serve mine chilled in the summer և drink while soaking in a hot bath.


Ala alapeno sauerkraut

I do not know what the food would be like without Hawthorne Farm sauerkraut. I eat literally every meal (including eggs) these days. They have several flavors, all of which are delicious, but lately I have been striving for their jalapeno version – it is a bit pungent, but so clean and vibrant. Also, you all know that I like to talk about how fermented foods help with gut health և can promote positive brain և mood functions. If you do not support this company, be sure to give them Google. They are also 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations dedicated to social and cultural renewal through the integration of education, agriculture, research and art.

Hawthorne Farm

Ama Quarteng, beauty editor

High CBD formula body fat

Most of the year I did not have a real desk in my apartment, which, in a word, means that I have a lot of tension in my back and shoulders. This roller applicator is suitable for targeted massage, և body fat dries quickly, so I do not have to worry about creating a mess. In addition, the formula is filled with a soothing 100 mg moisturizing blend of CBD, avocado, jojoba and cauliflower oils.

Lord ones ounce

Amalfi Lemon & Mint Reed Diffuser:

I like reed diffusers. It’s a simple way to transform or refresh a room without decorating your apartment. This one has notes of lemon, orange and mint, which instantly fill my space with an energetic, intoxicating scent that brightens and calms my mood. Bonus. It is long, without pressure.

Nest of New York

Online studio

I started using the Tracy Anderson Method, training at the beginning of the quarantine, and I’m not sure when I will return to the fitness studio. The online program consists of various sequences of body movements that target specific areas using hand և ankle weights to help balance the body. Sessions last a little over an hour; training is not only a physical challenge, it’s a much-needed mental break before the day begins.

Tracy Anderson

Caroline Dunn, Partner Coordinator

IC4 indoor cycling bike

I bought this bike at the beginning of COVID, we went through a lot together. Or I will always love to run outside, sometimes I just do not try to melt, օգտագործել using this bike with my TV Peloton program (of course, in case of an explosion) is perfect. I’ve been to different gyms, I’ve tried many, many different bikes in the past, so I was very picky about my own shopping, but I trusted Schwin’s name, I’m not disappointed. Combines well with the least rotating shoes on the market – Tiem Slipstream.


Power Couple Kit:

Frankly, if you sell a product that has the word detox in it, chances are I’m probably sold. This serum is rich in ingredients that can actually detoxify your skin և prevent the signs of aging, making it a real deal. Combining Detox Serum with Instant Smoothing Serum (another name that makes me immediately throw away my money) in this Power Couple Kit և’s actually a crazy good deal.

An adult alchemist

Dark chocolate coconut sticks

If ove Dove Dark Chocolates will always be my number one, I recently tried this Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars from Unreal և they did the job և they satisfied my sugar cravings. Sugar low sugar, vegan, gluten free, Certificate of Fair Trade և moreover, they will give you a chocolate solution from which you can feel good.


Leah Kaufman, Head of Sales

Postpartum multivitamin

I have been doing postpartum work for four months, running with two children up to the age of three, still feeding around my work schedule. Or I wish I could spend more time ensuring that I get the right nutrients from my diet, I like that these postpartum vitamins take the assumptions out of that equation. This ritual vitamin is the most important part of my 2021 summer health. I will not go without it one day.


Neon Weighted Bangles:

It was known that I follow one or two trends, but he also likes to stand out. These Bala Bangles are everywhere, but I have not seen anyone in the neon version of the rock rocking. I also have the feeling that I will be able to extend my endless summer vibrations until the fall with colors that are woven into my workout routine.


Brown Butter

I just discovered this culinary snack that combines with a mom’s fracture. I like to have myself before a long workout, but trick the child into thinking that these “brown bites” are an unhealthy cure. PS Behind them is the history of a romantic brand. The husband, who survived breast cancer, intends to create a clean alternative to the conservatively packaged protein layers.

Scott protein balls

Nick Papa, Trademark Partnership Manager

Ultra-digestive food enzymes

For me, the most important thing in the summer is the usual dishes, which include a variety of dishes: grilled vegetables, burgers, pies, salads, ice cream, etc. As a person with a sensitive stomach, the last thing I want to do is limit myself. I have so many freshly prepared dishes in front of me, so this pill is a game changer. I usually take one before a big meal or grazing day և it keeps everything in balance.

Mary Ruth

Lemon ginger sparkling probiotic (6 pieces)

Sometimes I find the kombucha to be predominant, but I still want the benefits of flavored probiotics. Install the KeVita sparkling probiotic line. These drinks are the perfect balance for me, with a crunchy, refreshing taste that is lightly carbonated. Sparkling probiotic drinks are fermented with their own water kefir culture, which gives the drink billions live probiotics.


Adaptogenic mushroom powder

Not only is this powder a perfect, delicate sweetener for almost anything, but it also has the incredible benefits of adaptogens that counteract the effects of stress on the body. I always add a small spoonful of it to smoothies, day coffees, yogurt bowls, etc. The story behind the brand is incredible, if you have ever been interested in antique tools, I recommend reading the wide range of products offered by Anima Mundi.

Anima Mundi: