Atlanta, Georgia, November 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – On November 1, Camp Southern Ground, GRAMMY award-winning artist Zack Brown, a multi-mission nonprofit, launched Veterans Day campaign to raise awareness of veterans’ mental health. և welfare.

Generously sponsored by Eighth Order և Tanger Outlets, Camp Southern Ground’s #MyWarrior social media campaign calls on supporters to honor our nation’s veterans by recognizing them as veterans in their lives. After the noisy 2021, this holiday comes with conflicting feelings, isolation and loneliness. With this in mind, #MyWarrior aims to launch a wave of support that ում respects and recognizes these heroes throughout the year. Camp Southern Ground և գործընկեր their partners, including the Zac Brown Band, stand by American veterans և dedicated to helping them thrive in their families, lives, and communities.

At Tanger Outlets, we honor the veterans of our country for their patriotism, willingness to serve, and sacrifice for the common good. “We support programs that improve the well-being and mental health of our nation’s fighters. We are proud to support Camp Southern Ground և their #MyWarrior campaign,” said Stephen Yaloff, CEO of Tanger Outlets.

Ongoing COVID-19 Challenges հետ With the end of the war in Afghanistan, meeting the needs of these combatants is paramount. Social isolation և loneliness increases the risk of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, drug abuse ությունը suicide. “This was a challenge for everyone, it hit the veterans especially hard, they need support more than ever.”.

“We started the Eighth Order with a simple mission,” said William Roms, a veteran of the Eighth Order and a veteran of the Air Force. “Get products inspired by the military to raise awareness and raise funds for veterans suffering from hidden wounds on the battlefield, a veteran on the way to the end.” suicide. Dignity, honor: respect are the things we have always lived with,: we found that mirror in Camp Southern Ground. ”

Adds Mike Dobbs, CEO of Camp Southern Ground. “This has been an extremely difficult time for many of our nation’s veterans. We are proud to work with the Zac Brown Band, Tanger Outlets and the Eighth Order to support our nation’s veterans.”

Camp Southern Ground is committed to supporting veterans’ mental health and well-being with two-pronged programs. Warrior Week, their 12-month workforce ծրագիրը health plan, begins with a highly tangible week at the camp. This week’s goal is to help veterans in transition identify their strengths, set a goal, and develop an action plan for a productive, fulfilling life after service.

Warrior PATHH (Advanced Alternative Training for Healing Heroes), which also begins with a high-impact week at the camp, is the country’s first non-clinical program to develop post-traumatic growth among veterans battling PTSD, depression, and anxiety. և / or combat stress. This 18-month program, in partnership with the Boulder Crest Foundation, trains veterans to regain their thoughts, feelings, ability to regulate action, and to improve their physical, emotional, mental, and economic well-being.

“Warrior PATHH answered a lot of questions I had about myself. I really did not have coping skills (other than drinking) չուն I had no connection with my family. PATHH really explained why I was what I was or helped me create a new goal և Join that sense of purpose. Most importantly, I learned that it’s not what’s wrong with me, it’s what happened to me. ” – Chris, USMC veteran

“From beginning to end, Camp Southern Ground was a gift from God! “The whole experience imitates a deep community that I have not felt since military service.” – Seth, a veteran of the National Guard

“Inclusion, kindness, a comprehensive approach to well-being serve everyone, and it is especially helpful for veterans and their families to realize that they are not alone.” – Amanda, a USMC veteran

Both Warrior programs are offered for free to US veterans

If you or someone you know is a post-9/11 veteran struggling to find your new mission after military service, Camp Southern Ground can help. Visit or call (678) 561-9600 to learn more և to apply.


In 2011, believing that his musical talent was given to bring more good to the world, Zack Brown bought 400 acres of land about 30 miles south of Atlanta and built Camp Southern Ground, a world-class facility dedicated to serving young people. և veterans. Camp Southern Ground’s mission is to provide unique experiences for individuals to recognize, enhance, and unique gifts from others to make a profound impact on the world.

During the summer months, on-site programming shifts from veterans to youth. June-July Camp Southern Ground is an inclusive, residential camp that serves 7-17 year olds with challenging, educating, and inspiring programs. Normally developing children, children with autism spectrum disorder, learning և attention problems, social or emotional challenges, vulnerable young people և family members in the military get together to make new friends, point out individual differences, explore nature և eat delicious, healthy food. More than just a week away from home, a summer camp can change a child’s life.

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