As life finally takes on a more normal form, it is fair to say that we, along with the epidemic, are better aware of the importance of health և health. This is much more than standard, such as home gyms, mud rooms, and hand washing. Instead, it is about creating an environment at home that is part of a holistic approach to a more optimal lifestyle. All you need is readiness և the right product.

From crystals to salt lamps, from cleverly crafted pottery, here are fifteen essentials for a healthy home.

Ali Levine X Taja Smudge Collection

Renowned stylist Ali Levine recently collaborated with Taja to create a beautiful dirty hat that includes palo santo, sage, lavender, selenite, agate, fluorite, amethyst and rose quartz. It comes with a chic midi vase with confirmations on each side. This collection has everything you need to create a happy, peaceful home, relieve stress and increase high vibrations. Choose a black or white vase.

“My goal in creating this dirty package is to make all of us, especially mothers, love ourselves, give grace, and maintain positive vibrations,” Ljin tells me. “It is very important that we love ourselves, especially after the epidemic. I know myself as a mother, I have to constantly remind myself to love myself, how important it is. ”

Condition of confirmation candles

Confirmation candles are perfect for anyone who wants to take their certification practice to the next level. There are five fragrances / approvals to choose from: Decent, iant radiant, Durable, Bold և Free. These are not just candles designed to burn well, to smell good. They can actually improve emotional well-being. Here’s how to use them. When announcing the confirmation, remove the smell from the candle և think of the affirmative thought. This increases the mind / body connection, reinforcing the thought that your brain will associate with the smell as the candle continues to burn.

Les Loups Witch Please Candles:

Les Loups Witch Please candles are Reiki filled candles designed to radiate spiritual energy. By Ricky Masters, they only land on new satellites during full moon, lunar, and solar eclipses. Six flocks are served, each of which supports different intentions, including love, foundation, abundance, new beginnings, connection with thoughtful guidelines, and protection.

Serena loves aura cleansing mist with pure organic Bulgarian rose water

Created by chef Reiki Master Serena Poon, this Aura Cleansing Mist is the perfect way to refresh your home, body and spirit. Made with a mixture of crystals, this light aromatic rose water or two sprinkles is a great way to create positive energy from the presence of negative energy on a difficult day or just when you need a little thoughtful recovery.

Blissy silk pillow case

It is no secret that good sleep is essential for good health. Blissy Silk Pillowcase has many benefits, including keeping your body cooler and helping your skin and hair stay hydrated. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, these Okeo-Tex certified pillow bags are available in standard, royal չափ queen sizes. Choose from a variety of colors և patterns, including white, black, lavender և even tie dye. They are washed in cars, which is much healthier than being exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Pottery Barn Airstream Mendocino Striped Organic Cotton Comforter և Shams

Nothing beats sleeping better than high-quality, soft bedding, such as the Airstream Mendocino Striped Organic Cotton Comforter և Shams. Made from 100% organic cotton, it is Oeko-Tex և certified fair trade, so it comes with an extra dose of good karma. This soft comforter with stylish stripes can be easily integrated into most stylish bedrooms.

Voesh Vitamin C Shower Filter

Hard water մազ Do you have hair or skin problems? Don’t worry about the Voesh Vitamin C shower filter anymore. Vitamin C is known to remove chlorine և other mixtures to cleanse և cleanse your skin. This filter contains vegan probiotics and oatmeal powder to help rejuvenate the skin. There are five different flavors, including Forest Forest, Cit itrus և Lavender. It’s almost like going to the spa. Using this filter makes the shower a real act of self-care.

Pottery for purposes

Mindfulness decorates the pottery for the purpose. Great for both kids and adults, there are a variety of collections to choose from: air dry or ceramic clay. Each set has instructions, tools և paints on how to plant an artificial silver flower tray. You can make either a hanging planter, a pedestal or your own unique decorative piece. Not only sound engineering but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

Verilux HappyLight therapy lamps

Is there no natural light in your home or office? Or are you too busy to go out for a walk, to get your daily ration for your natural day? This, of course, can affect your mood. Fortunately, Verilux Happy Light Therapy lamps can easily fix this problem. Designed to increase energy, sleep and concentration, these lamps mimic sunlight without UV rays. These lamps do not take up much space և when finished they can easily be left on your table or stored in a drawer.

Pure day care Himalayan pink salt disperser

Himalayan pink salt is a great way to cleanse the air. A more decorative alternative to the salt lamp, the Pure Daily Care Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser, is beautifully molded with a wood-like finish, perfect for half-century-old, modern design schemes. In each of these two, a thermal diffuser atoms the essential oils. It even comes in ten different bottles. A separate chamber holds two pounds of Himalayan salt crystals, which are also included.

CHI Egyptian Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Dispenser

But if you just prefer to spray the essential oils, CHI Egyptian Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Dispenser is a great option. At affordable prices, it is available in seven different colors: white, red, blue-purple, green, yellow, aquamarine և pink. It’s also a moisturizer, it’s a smart choice for anyone living in a dry climate.

Sistain Matcha Whisk:

Drinking matcha is a great way to give the body energy, to balance hormones. It’s delicious too! But in order to prepare it properly, you need to mix it correctly. This beautiful matte mix from Sistain is made from bamboo and blends without blends, enhancing your experience. You can leave it on a small plate on the counter as a reminder to drink a cup of tea every day.

Rise Gardens indoor gardens

Do you like to eat a farm table, but do not have an outdoor area to grow your own garden? Rise Gardens are the perfect solution. These Wi-Fi-controlled modern design units have everything you need to grow a vegetable garden in your living room. Several sizes are available for larger family members. Each garden has an appetizer set that has seeds for a variety of vegetables, herbs, including cabbage, cilantro ula arugula.

Costa Farms Raven ZZ Factory:

But if you can not commit to growing an entire indoor garden, even one plant can affect your well-being. The Raven ZZ factory is a great example of that. With hosts that turn purple-black, they decorate any room. This is also an easy plant to cultivate because it tolerates low light, grows in moderately bright conditions, and can even survive several weeks without water. Best of all, ZZ plants clean the air perfectly.

L’Avant collective dish brush

We all need to clean our dishes, but sponges are tough, they hold bacteria. L’Avant Collective, known for its herbal cleansers and beautifully designed soap dispensers, recently launched this sleek, chic dish brush. Without plastic և 100% fertilizer, this is an environmentally friendly way to prepare your dishes. Made of natural sisal fibers – it is bacterial, fungal բորբ resistant to fungus. Do not forget to add L’Avant Collective fairy tale soap.