PHARMINGTON HILLS, Mitch աս Manasas, W. – August 12, 2021 With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS) in northern Virginia make student mental health a priority because it is facilitated by personal classroom settings. The district is partnering with Gale, Cengage, which is helping to expand its Social Emotional Learning (SEL) awareness program by purchasing the Cameron և Cameron Camp for Wellness on Gale e-books platform: These new digital resources help students better understand their mental health և guide them to strengthen their SEL skills, enabling MCPS to further support student well-being.

Contributing MCPS to the Cameron Collection և The Cameron Camp for Health is part of a district initiative to use innovative approaches to promote positive student mental health and well-being. Both collections are a starting point for dialogue and behavior change for students who have mental health problems or are trying to improve their overall health problems. They are also an auxiliary tool that educators and parents can use to help struggling students. The collections add to the previous SEL programs և support իր its mission to provide a safe և innovative learning environment that inspires, engages և challenges all students.

Around 8,000 students in nine schools in the district can access private collections digitally anonymously from the MCPS website, 24/7 from any location or device. School staff, including counselors, can also use resources to help students and their families.

“We meet the needs of our students by letting them know they are not alone,” said Dr. Eric Brent, MCPS Student Services Executive Director. “Cameron Collection և Cameron Camp for Health helps us reach our students և faculty in an innovative, easy-to-use way that helps them find the information they need for their mental well-being. We hope students will be comfortable using these materials when they may not know where to turn for support. ”

MCPS ‘ Gale e-books collections include:

  • Cameron collection. One in five teens suffers from mental health problems, և more than 75% do not seek help at all [i]. Helping high school students cope with everyday stress and staying current is at the heart of this collection. More than 100 digital titles cover a wide range of topics, including ADD, ADHD, alcohol, anorexia, anxiety, bulimia, care, cutting, depression, divorce, medication, eating disorders, homelessness, OCD, self-harm, stress, suicide, suicide practice, goal setting և community involvement. Created in collaboration with the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation (CKG), this collection aims to inspire students to prioritize their mental health and well-being.
  • Cameron Camp for Health. More than 100 e-books provide targeted guidance for K-5 students, teachers, and counselors on sensitive issues such as emotion management, teamwork, problem solving, family problems, staying positive, being safe, and more. The main purpose of this collection is to help students recognize և manage emotions, social skills: security.

Both collections are dedicated to Cameron Gallagher, a bright and talented young woman struggling with depression and anxiety, whose dream was to raise awareness and prevent unnecessary suffering from stigma. At the age of 16, he died suddenly of an unrecognized heart disease after crossing the finish line of a half marathon, a goal he set that helped him overcome. Gale, in partnership with the CKG Foundation, created the Cameron Collection to ensure that schools are equipped with educational and supportive tools to help struggling teens end the mental health stigma.

“We are excited to be working with MCPS,” said Paul Gatsolo, Gale Senior Vice President և General Manager. “After a mixture of distance and individual learning, students may know that they are not alone and can ask questions. Both collections help to ignite that dialogue, which is so important to promote student well-being. ”

For more information, visit the Gail SEL website.

About Cengage և Gale

Cengage Educational Technology’s company, which serves millions of students in 165 countries, promotes student learning quality through digital experience. The company now serves K-12, higher education, vocational, library, English language և workforce training markets worldwide. Gale, the company Cengage, believes in the power of learning ությանը joy. The company helps schools achieve positive outcomes by providing meaningful, curriculum-based content that enables educators to address curriculum challenges and meet students where they are. Today it includes support for distance և social ուզ emotional learning as well as equality և inclusion goals. Gale K-12 offerings range from educational databases, individual e-book collections to teaching tools, professional development resources. For more information, visit

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[i] National Mental Illness Alliance. Mental health by numbers

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