The sign for Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy and TheGym@SBPT at 75 Winslows Mills Road in Waldoboro on July 6. (Bisi Cameron Yee photo)

Sheepscot Bay Physiotherapy և TheGym @ SBPT Sign on July 6 at 75 Winslows Mills Road in Valdoboro (Photo by Bissy Cameron Yi)

The new Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy Fitness Center, TheGym @ SBPT, opened its doors in Waldoboro on July 6.

Dr. Bean Beatty, owner of Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy, was interested in an area where she could combine her existing physiotherapy practice with a new fitness venture. TheGym @ SBPT runs a business under the auspices of Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy. The name was chosen to distinguish between two goals: an open gym versus a physical therapy practice.

Beatty bought the building at 75 Winslows Mills Road, along with most of the exercise equipment, from its former owner, Leslie վել Evelyn Cruz. The building was home to Crouse’s business, Resolutions Fitness Center և Riverside Billiards Hall.

Resolutions Fitness Center closed in October 2020 due to the decline of its membership due to COVID-19. The Cruiser officially closed the billiard hall on May 26 when they sold the building.

“We have a fabulous reputation for physical therapy, but we needed more,” said Annie Miller, business manager at Sheepscot Bay Physical Therapy, including TheGym @ SBPT. Although the practice of physical therapy has been open to clients for the past year, Miller said the business needs a new revenue stream.

The opening of the gym was an opportunity for Sheepscot Bay physical therapy to diversify its offerings to differentiate itself from other physical therapy practices. “It’s a wonderful pigeon in terms of health and fitness,” said Miller.

The gym has a complete heart-hall with treadmills, rowers and elliptical cars. At the bottom of the equipment are circuit breakers, steppers, and a strong free-weight area, which Miller says is “too comprehensive” to serve a full range of customers.

The gym has several different membership levels և discounts for physiotherapy graduates. There are special rates for the elderly, the military, both active service and veterans, as well as public safety personnel, which includes emergency medical personnel, police officers, firefighters, and correctional personnel.

There are also programs for athletic students who participate in team sports at local schools, Miller said.

The gym now has a “couple-specific” option, with a second membership available for half the price Miller plans to offer in the fall.

“We want to create a community health environment,” Miller said. “We have advanced plans.”

These programs include adult fitness classes, a food bar, and even a kitchen where a licensed dietitian can train during the course. “We want the community to have access to what they want to see,” Miller said.

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It is planned to add more electronics, including gym members և Wi-Fi access to additional TVs. Miller wants to upgrade wardrobes և add private wardrobes.

The solarium booth will be moved so that they can tear down the wall to add lift stations and ropes. Miller said they are trying to add a sleigh to the weightlifting offerings.

Within a year, Miller said they wanted to add a supplement to group training, such as Thai no, yoga kickboxing.

Miller said he and his staff look forward to the return of senior members, whom he sees as the key to a successful future at the gym. She plans to stay in motion, led by a fitness instructor for those who need mobility and balance training.

Miller said that the gym plans to hold fitness events with celebrities of all backgrounds, such as weightlifting, bodybuilding champions, experienced runners, and various fitness enthusiasts. “We really want to expand our business to find out how to benefit the community,” he said.

Personal fitness training with certified trainers will be another offer. Two employees have fitness science degrees and the other has a specialized personal fitness trainer.

Miller said hiring was not a problem, that they had “fantastic staff”, including one full-time manager and several part-time staff. According to Miller, the staff called them “gym staff.”

Chief of Staff և Personal Trainer Hannah Osier said she has always wanted to work out in the gym. “It’s definitely my passion,” he said. Ossetia has one month left to receive a personal training certificate.

Osiré said that he fell in love with strength training, a strong believer in the benefits of complex movement involving many muscle groups. “You burn a lot more calories by gaining weight,” he said.

Miller said the gym had 15 new members on opening day. He said that there is a good mix of regular formulas, as well as experienced members of the Valdoboro gym.

“I think the word is over,” Miller said.

Miller is looking forward to expanding his access to the gym through social media. TheGym @ SBPT’s Facebook page was launched on May 31, երն Miller said that the Instagram page is in the plans, as well as the YouTube channel with fitness shows.

TheGym @ SBPT is open from 6am to 9pm, Monday through Friday և Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Miller said they expect to extend gym hours in the future, especially in the winter when people are less active outdoors.

Miller said the gym is scheduled to open in July.

“Many people want to go back to training. There is a social side. “People missed being able to train with their friends,” Miller said. “In a way, it means getting back to normal.”