Instead of the epidemic, it has become imperative to keep employees involved, motivated and morally high. Now, more than ever, companies are launching unique employee initiatives և programs to enhance workplace culture, which include employees communicating with each other, discovering new talent, and improving themselves. To bring this into line, Amazon has taken two major steps.Fish Bowl »և« Rhythm of Legends » which aims to provide its employees with a platform և ecosystem to interact, engage շրջանակներում within the talent show

Through the remote work scenario, companies are looking for ways to create an interconnected environment. Can you shed some light on how Amazon solved this?

Through the epidemic, we realized the unique challenges facing our people, and provided our best possible support to help employees overcome difficult times. Employees in roles that can be effectively performed from home are encouraged to work remotely. Because Amazon has always provided a connected work environment, we have been able to smoothly transition to a remote work model as well as maintain synergies within teams. Even before the epidemic hit us, we had teams that operated on a virtual scale, performing a number of experiments, such as a virtual contact center, outgoing teams, etc., to allow our people flexibility.

Numerous technology tools և platforms for virtual meetings, project collaboration, information wikis, health programs, employee engagement initiatives, etc. have helped teams maintain productivity levels throughout the system. We turned to technology platforms for engagement, knowledge sharing, so that employees could easily connect with larger teams. We also helped create the right environment for our employees by providing infrastructure support and facilities for higher productivity.

It is noteworthy that Amazon employees also stood up to help needy partners. As the second wave of COVID reached its peak in late April, we quickly mobilized a group of self-motivated volunteer workers (called COVID Warriors) who showed incredible compassion and mercy by helping distressed colleagues and their families. These COVID fighters have dealt with powerful, time-sensitive requests such as hospital bed search, oxygen support, etc. for Amazons and their families. We had 1,000 such COVID Warriors in 30 cities, և they played a crucial role in keeping the morale of the employees: in a very gentle manner in extremely difficult circumstances. Moreover, virtual gatherings and interactions, hands-on meetings also helped teams stay in touch with each other’s leadership.

At Amazon, whether the health, safety, or well-being of our employees remains our priority, we also ensure that employee morale is high, and take various initiatives to enable them to interact with each other. We are amazed at the commitment of our employees who have continued to deliver value to our customers.

What was the inspiration for Fishbowl Le Legends of Rhythm (LOR)? How many Fishbowl editions have you released so far?

Special leisure forums can be provided to employees to make the workplace interconnected. This has been especially true for long-distance work caused by the epidemic, where the boundaries between work and personal life have been blurred.

One of the unique experiences of Amazon Life is the availability of a large ecosystem of integrated platforms և businesses, such as Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Publishing (Westland), Alexa ք and others. We decided to use this access to organize various unique initiatives that allow employees not only to showcase their talent, but also to communicate, learn from celebrities, artists, sharpen their passions, get first-hand mentorship, and surpass their hobbies. In this virtual world, these ways were also extended to the family of employees to organize clock parties.

For example, Fishbowls is one of our in-house events where we invite authors, celebrities, or artists from various fields who have partnered with Amazon, whether for movies, music, TV series, or books, to chat with Amazons. in meters. . We have hosted guests such as Raskin Bond, Priyaman, R. Madhavan, Pankaj Tripati, Gul Panag; Since the outbreak, we have organized six Fishbowl sessions, with more than 5,000 employees attending each of these virtual sessions.

Similarly, in 2020, we launched a Virtual Talent Hunt Initiative, which encourages employees to participate in և showcase their talent in dance, music, comedy, and the arts, where performances are appreciated by prominent artists. In Season One Blockchain, we named the talent show “Lockdown Legends,” which allowed staff to record and present videos of their singing. We received more than 600 applications – high turnout teams who voted, forcing their favorites to win. The final performances were led by the famous playback singer Benny Diall, which raised the enthusiasm of all employees. This was followed by the second season, called “Legends of Dance”, where the finalists of the staff were led by Remo D’Souza, the best choreographer in India. The third season, called Rhythm Legends, is now underway, inviting employees to showcase their talent in music. For the big final of this season, we have prepared the performance of the famous singer Ragu Dixit և superstar duo, Vishal եք Shekhar.

We’ve seen an overwhelming response from staff, with over 500 entries for each season of this initiative. Voting for these shows և polls allowed employees to collaborate outside of their teams և interact with different individuals.

At Amazon, we are aware of the rich experience մեր of our diverse workforce բազմ the diversity of perspectives և we strive to create a culture that fosters cross-team engagement.

In the work-from-home model, how easy / difficult was it to maintain employee interest և participation in virtual applications?

Through the epidemic, we have embarked on many of our well-known employee engagement initiatives to bring the virtual scale to life. Interestingly, the answers were reassuring, from all hands-on meetings to health webinars. To illustrate the interest in virtual events, Fishbowl’s virtual employee engagement has been recorded more than 10 times over physical events. We keep employees interested by bringing them up-to-date topics և celebrities to interact with.

Staff rated these gauges as these sessions can be attended from anywhere, anytime. This also allowed more world leaders, staff, staff, and meetings to attend.

What was the main idea of ​​creating an employee talk show with famous stars? Has the integration of celebrities helped to boost employee morale and keep them motivated? How have employees benefited from interacting with celebrities?

At Amazon, we pride ourselves on hiring talent from a variety of walks of life, including corporate, technology, customer service and operations. Our employees not only bring knowledge in their field of work, but also have different talents, hobbies and interests outside of work. As an organization, we are constantly innovating ways to enhance the experience of our employees at Amazon. To encourage employees to pursue their hobbies, to put their whole personality to work, we used our integrated resource network և combined programs, where we invite celebrities to host, judge, and educate our employees based on their interests.

These individuals have been selected from a shortlist based on the nature of the program, ները staff playing an integral role in selecting our guest. We conduct internal surveys to find out which person and artist is most prominent among the employees under whose mentorship they really aspire to have an initiative such as Rhythm Legends. This encourages them to participate in the show, to show their best talent, to get individual guidance from their favorite artists.

In addition, interacting with well-known artists also gives employees some exciting opportunities to expand their reach. One of our main contenders for this year’s Legends of Rhythm has already had the opportunity to perform alongside Ragu Dixit, which in turn has given him five external opportunities to perform. Such opportunities are a great incentive for employees to transcend their areas of passion in addition to work.

What has been the reaction of the staff since the launch of these initiatives? Have you seen an increase in participation in virtual programs?

At Amazon, we make a deliberate effort to continually improve our employees’ interaction and experience with the company. Since the launch of these virtual applications, we have seen a positive response from all employees. Employees have become an integral part of these programs, from choosing celebrities to voting in the show. During the three seasons of the Talent Hunt Initiative, we’ve seen 1,500+ posts showcasing their talent. The level of involvement that these figures show reflects in how well initiatives are received by employees.