Murali Krishna K.

World, Restart

If I were to describe in one word, what the last two years have revealed is ili’s existence. Leaders around the world must, among other things, prioritize the well-being of their employees by providing adequate physical, mental and emotional health. What stood out during the epidemic journey was the unwavering spirit of hope. The medical workers became saviors in the hospitals. Strangers collaborated on medical supplies programs. Employees set up support groups to help each other. Organizations have made it their strategic priority to ensure the well-being of their workforce. Ers cohorts have gone beyond reasonable support to save lives.

At what prices the power of our collective human factor shone և what it can achieve.

Work, restore

Soon, conditions such as exhaustion և the balance of working life became the whole world, the epidemic urged us to change our thinking about health, well-being, business և productivity.

In a world disrupted by diminished social interactions, the need to be “constantly connected” is understandably distressed. Post-COVID work models, including work from home ային hybrid work, broke the bubble of 9 to 5 ել blurring the boundaries between work և personal life:. What used to be perceived as personal time is now assimilated into working time. The fuel miles spent traveling have disappeared, but the mental miles continue to accumulate.

Home, restore

Each of us acted as a caregiver, caring for our family members and elders, even if the work continued at home. Individuals passed through many individuals, becoming caregivers, professionals, home competitions, cooks, all in one day. In fairness, it caused enormous damage to the mental and emotional well-being.

Hope, perseverance

Now more than ever, we need to focus on the mental health of both our employees and ourselves. As we move into this new world order, we empathize with hybrid work models, ensure better integration of work life, and open dialogue. Leaders not only shared their personal stories, but also provided access to mental health resources for their employees and their families. It is heartening to see that organizations encourage free dialogue և support in every way possible to bring peace to people’s lives.

Organizations may not be ready to move to a four-day work week, but we can certainly defend the cause of mental well-being by talking about it and actively listening to those around us. Creating an environment where employees feel safe with their emotional health will greatly facilitate their journey. X programs that provide 24×7 advice, access to some of the best professionals, active campaigns that encourage people to express themselves, frequent well-being checks, honest conversations, etc., have worked well for us, և I encourage leaders to invest in overall health. their workforce.

On World Mental Health Day, my message to all who read this is to remember that your mental health is an indisputable component of your life. Everything else depends on it: your family, your health, your happiness, your peace of mind. Its priority is possible.


In the post-COVID era, the well-being of the organization’s workforce will truly reflect the well-being of the organization. The epidemic has redefined our priorities as individuals, as teams, as families, as organizations. Everything is fine instead.

Murali Krishna K., Head of State, Providence India

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