“Even if you do not take your children to school or to a climate where autumn brings a change of hosts, a drop in temperature, a change in our schedule, a change of mood in early autumn,” said Lindsey Ogden of Minneapolis. Certified personal trainer և content և digital coaching manager at Life Time, a national fitness company that runs gyms և corporate health programs, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Lack of daylight hours can make you spend less time outdoors, especially in the evening or early morning. You may be less motivated to work out outdoors, especially if you have been training at one of these times, says Ogden. “Maybe it’s dark now when you get up.”

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He says some people find it more energetic to train in new times during the day. Or you may find yourself craving new ways to work altogether. That “new beginning” feeling that comes from trying new actions can really motivate, says Ogden.