Dr. Adeola Mead empowers companies and individuals by sharing their experiences of its impact on gut bacterial health and productivity.

The world is at a crossroads as many people re-evaluate their lives and careers. The last two years have revealed many shortcomings of the modern workplace. This led to the “big resignation” as millions of workers around the world quit their jobs. The massive layoffs are mainly due to the burnout of employees due to “organizational support” for their needs, which has led to a significant change in employees’ perspectives.

Corporate well-being is an area where companies have the opportunity to address employee burnout, absenteeism, unemployment, while increasing productivity and reducing employer health care costs. As millennials become increasingly aware of their physical and mental health, companies need to step up their health offerings.

Mental health has become the main focus of people’s attention in the last few years. Dr. Adeola Mead is a corporate health consultant, a natropathic physician specializing in mental and metabolic health. As health concerns have increased because of the epidemic, Dr. Mead recommends taking an active approach to treating the whole person instead of treating the symptoms. The key is to identify and address the root causes, and for Dr. Mead, that means evaluating and promoting the health of gut bacteria.

Understanding the role of intestinal-brain health in mental and physical health is constantly evolving. “The gut microbiome is a unique ecosystem of human microorganisms that affects metabolism, immune defense, mood and behavior. A healthy gut microbiome produces a better balance of neurotransmitters, immune cells, and hormones to protect the body, making it less susceptible to disease. “A healthy intestinal-cerebral axis is essential for the treatment of burns and other chronic diseases, while promoting maximum productivity.”

The success of any institution depends on the work of its employees. Dr. Mead’s corporate health programs are designed to help reduce employer health costs by maximizing return on investment in initiatives that deliver personalized results for each participant. A comprehensive health plan, if implemented properly, will enhance individual performance և team morale while fostering a positive company culture that fosters social bonding.

Dr. Mead has helped thousands of employees improve their mood, digestive health, stress management skills, cognition, concentration, immune function, and productivity. Customers can expect to engage, engage և retain the best talent by focusing on helping employees improve, maintain անհատ maintain their personal health. “Our health plan includes a full self-care course for your team.” The content provides guidance on the use of self-care tools for disease prevention and overall vitality.

With a focus on 2022, Dr. Mead plans to continue educating organizations about the importance of gut health, emphasizing how the gut microbiome affects mental health, metabolism, immune function, cognition, and productivity.

“Companies need to support staff in a way that comprehensively promotes both mental and physical health. It’s time for an integration approach that improves the health of the individual: team. ”

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