New Orleans, Los Angeles, October 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – This October, Medicare eligible Louisiana residents will be able to sign up for the Medicare Advantage benefits offered by the new Ochsner Health Plan. Premiums and co-payments start at $ 0 և include a wide range of cost-saving features և health plans not available with the original Medicare, such as prescription drug coverage, fitness, dentistry, hearing և sight. The registration period for the 2022 program year is October 15 to December 7, 2021.

At Ochsner, our goal is to provide the highest quality affordable care available to meet the health and wellness needs of our patients at all stages of our lives, ”says Warner Thomas, CEO and CEO of Ochsner Health. “By launching the new Ochsner Health Plan through Medicare Advantage, developed by Ochsner և Fully integrated with the services offered in our system, we will be able to help seniors enjoy the best years of their lives.”

The initial coverage of the Ochsner Health Plan includes the parishes of Greater New Orleans և with the Great Button Rouge ՝ ascents: Ascension, Baton Rouge, Felisiana Argelian, Iberville, ff Efferson, Lafarche, Livingston, Orleans, St. Charlemagne, St. Charles Mt. Rouge:

“As the Medicare population in the United States continues to grow by 11,000 people a day, more and more seniors in Louisiana are looking for the best medical options available to them,” says Thomas. “Ochsner wanted to create an innovative program that would take full advantage of Ochsner Health’s fully integrated healthcare system. We encourage Ochsner patients who may be eligible for Medicare to compare the benefits of Ochsner Health Plan’s Medicare Advantage with other Medicare Advantage programs in the area. ”

An integrated health plan with Ochsner

The Ochsner Health Plan will work with Ochsner Health providers to make a healthy difference in the lives of its members by offering preventative care և health care services that are fully integrated into both virtual and personal programs for chronic և complex conditions. It is very common in Louisiana: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, obesity, nicotine addiction, etc.

“Ochsner Health’s primary goal is to serve as a catalyst for our patients ավելի to make Louisiana communities healthier,” said Thomas. “Eyes have sought to keep pace with the growing demand of Louisiana’s aging citizens for health needs through the development of innovative facilities, services, programs, and the development of emerging technologies. The Ochsner Health Plan will play a key role in our work to help Louisiana residents achieve these goals. ”

Why choose Ochsner Health Plan?

The Ochsner Health Plan will work with its parent organization to reduce health barriers and invest in the health of our communities. These new Medicare Advantage plans will provide a complete complement to the competitively priced benefits, all with the quality and innovation that patients expect from Louisiana’s leading healthcare provider, Ochsner Health.

Ochsner Health:

Ochsner Health was founded in 1942. Today, Ochsner Health has more than 32,000 employees, more than 4,500 employees, more than 90 affiliates, subdisciplines, all committed to serving, treating, mentoring, educating, and innovating. That passion is shared by everyone who walks through their doors.

Ochsner Health is a non-profit organization committed to giving back to the communities it serves through preventive research, health և health resources, and innovative organizations that share their vision. In 2019, Ochsner healed more than 900,000 people from around the world, providing the latest medical advances and therapies, including digital chronically ill medicine and specialized telecommunications services. Ochsner Health is a national leader in US News & World Report named Louisiana’s Best Hospital և Best Children’s Hospital. As Louisiana’s leading health educator, Ochsner և and his colleagues train thousands of health professionals each year. Eyes innovates healthcare by investing in new technologies and research to make world-class care more affordable, affordable, convenient and effective. The Ochsner Health Plan is another way Ochsner works to rebuild the health and well-being of the region.

Can be reviewed or compared.

If you are eligible for Medicare, your coverage may be reviewed each year in October, when all insurance companies present new benefits for their next year plan. Compare Your Coverage with an Ochsner Health Plan ությունը Comparing the benefits may surprise you. In addition, the Ochsner Health Plan can offer more Medicare benefits than other programs offer, including an integrated health care system from Louisiana’s most respected health care provider, Ochsner Health.

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Ochsner Health Plan, Inc. is a Medicare Advantage company with a Medicare contract.