Launched in 2014 by Jack E. Tangley iles i Williams, Urban offers health services that go directly to the client, from massage to nail եղ fitness classes. With operations in four cities and more than 4,500 independent interns on a digital platform, Urban has quickly become an industry leader.

How did Urban come up with the idea?

T you Tang? Disappointed that finding and fixing health treatments was not as easy and convenient as ordering a stretch, I և my co-founder iles այլ անք got Urban’s idea. The healthcare industry is usually slow to innovate. It is very fragmented և gets a “cure” brand. We saw the opportunity to digitize the industry դառնալ to become a de facto platform.

How do you describe what you do for someone at dinner? Urban is a program where you can find and book health care providers in your local area. You can choose from over 50 treatments including massage, beauty, fitness and more.

Use is really simple, tell us where you are, choose a treatment, date և hour, then և we will introduce you to local verified specialists.

Beauty and health is a saturated market. What do you think Urban offers that was no longer available? We are not creating a niche to compete with the offers in the market, but we started our way in 2014 to better organize the market and solve two problems.

First, we wanted to make it easy to find and book a trusted professional. And having a service in the comfort of your own home reduces the cost, as there is no cost for a brick “mortar head”.

Second, by working directly with self-employed professionals using technology, we offer comfortable health to our clients, paying more than 70% to the professionals who deserve it most.

Tell us about the beauty and health market in demand right now. The industry has gone through a really turbulent period in the last 12 months; we are just emerging և demand is growing rapidly.

As people get used to staying home longer, the demand for home delivery services increases. Equally, working long hours at home over the past year has fostered bad habits, and poor work management has caused a wave of problems such as back and neck pain. Moreover, people have realized the importance of preventive health by creating new habits to stay well, rather than responding to the problems that arise.

What did you learn from your start-up student portal company that helped you with Urban? Student Job was a great sandbox for my young self. It taught me how to successfully build markets, how to balance the constant egg-egg situation that comes from being an entrepreneur.

I think the most valuable lesson I learned from my first tutorial was the obsession you should have with your customers.

The health industry has changed dramatically in the last few years. What is your health? Wellness is different for everyone. For me, being good is the key to physical and mental health. I like to work և I like challenges. I push myself in everything I do, I want to do my best. This taxes my physical and mental well-being.

I have modes that help me maintain balance. Eight hours of sleep is a must for me. I eat well and exercise (although I could definitely attend our company fitness classes more often). I do deep tissue massages once or twice a month, this is not a blockage, but I need it so much to physically rehabilitate my body. I see that massage is like a car MOT.

Then finally, it is possible to have a strong social circle by having a system to support your emotions. And from time to time I would take myself out of London, refreshing my lungs with fresh air and my ears with silence.

What are some of the technology innovations that are helping you և your business with Covid-19? We have spent most of our online processes online. At Urban, for example, we really care about the quality of the professionals we work with. So as part of our handling process, we test our skills just to make sure they are technically the best in practice. We managed to completely repeat this process online, maintaining the same level of standards.

Another innovation is the launch of our monthly subscription called Wellpass. Our frequent users are now offered discounted discounts on all services.

What gives you hope right now? Honestly, COVID was really scary, especially after the block exceeded my original cash flow plan. I had to stay positive և confident that our community will return when we can reopen. And they did it in masses.