It’s no secret that food իկական exercise is one of the most important indicators, but the importance of a healthy lifestyle for children can sometimes present many challenges.

That’s why Mavs’s new GEM app, which means Girls Empowered by Mavs, decided to focus its latest virtual workshop on physical health, especially when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

GEM is the latest program designed to target the next generation of key 9-14 year old girls.

The Aims program aims to inspire and empower young women through physical activity as a backdrop for continued development and success. It focuses on five main pillars: education, financial literacy, mental health, physical health որտ sports.

Newcomers believe that GEM helps girls learn to value their whole selves, to discover, to develop their strengths. Mavs trainers and executives walk alongside young women, giving them support, guidance, and challenges.

Dr. Ly Aklin Albin He works at the UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Pediatric Combined Internal Medicine Clinic, as well as the Rees Jones Center for Excellence in Child Health Care.

Last Saturday, September 18, Mavericks invited Dr. Albin to speak with young women during a virtual GEM workshop with 9-11 year old girls. He was joined by Dallas Mavericks executives, Mavs Academy coaches, and other corporate health industry leaders.

UT Southwestern also serves as a proud sponsor of the Dallas Mavericks և GEM Program.

As a mother, Dr. Albin was able to talk to teens, both as a doctor and as an educator, presenting health and nutrition in a fun, informative way.

For example, he taught young girls about the ability to “eat the rainbow,” that is, they should look at their meals as a colorful array of diets; the more colors, the better.

Dr. Albin explained that most people understand that they can eat colorful fruits and vegetables, but they do not always know why.

He taught young people with vivid illustrations, helped them understand that by getting different colors in their diet, they equip their bodies with vitamins and minerals to benefit their health.

“Let’s pretend we’re going to the Grand Canyon,” said Dr. Albin. “You have all your belongings, but what if you forget to put gas in the car?” That would not be cool, would it? So if you forget to put gas in your car, it will ruin your trip. Or what if you do not put gas in the car? You are not going anywhere. Your car needs the right kind of fuel. The same goes for our bodies. We need to add the right kind of food for our travels to get where we want to go. ”

Eating healthy provides the right fuel for building sustainable energy that will help girls stay healthy and strong when they play basketball, hit the dance floor or run or jump on the playground.

At home, parents can teach this same lesson to your children by drawing a bright rainbow on paper.

“Many of us love the colors of the rainbow, we love to see rainbows,” Dr. Albin explained. “It simply came to our notice then. So when we think about the fuel in our bodies, we can think about the rainbow. So we’re going to think about what kind of fuel we want to eat in each color. ”

Then he made the girls mute, shouting their favorite fruits, vegetables, food, which are all the colors of the rainbow. It was a lesson that made young people smile, as well as the importance of diversity in our diet.

After the health և nutrition class, dozens of girls then went to the physical activity seminar, participated in dance-yoga.

Dallas Mavericks employee Lisa Byrd և Kelly Robinson founded the GEM program at Mavericks և helped create workshops like Saturday’s event. GEM has become a personal mission for the couple as they have witnessed the challenges that young girls face today.

“We wanted to provide an emotionally and physically secure environment for young girls to be themselves,” said Robinson. “We want to ignite this hope and faith within them, where they fully realize their potential.”

According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, participating in such basketball and dance activities has a positive effect on the health and well-being of young girls, but twice as many girls over the age of 14 leave the sport.

There are several reasons for this, such as the social stigma, the lack of positive role models for supporting young models. That’s why GEM leaders are so committed to working with young women through small workshops like the one that took place with Dr. Albin over the weekend.

More importantly, they want young girls to know that an NBA team like the Dallas Mavericks really cares about the next generation, and that the organization is investing in programs that give young girls a special opportunity to dream big.

“These are the girls of the future,” Robinson said. “I really believe that this generation will change the world. Our job as an organization with trustworthy leaders is to provide them with a platform to do so.

Coach Robinson said that GEM initially lived with the following words: Involve, inspire and empower.

“Because every woman, regardless of age, deserves to be inspired, to feel empowered, to continue to interact with others,” Robinson explained. “Our hope is that from the age of nine we can instill in the girls the ways of life.”

At the end of Saturday’s event, Dr. Albin thanked the girls and then instructed them to participate in the “MyPlate Pledge”, which was stated in the certificate. «I’m committed to becoming a MyPlate Champion. At school, at home (or elsewhere), I will choose from five healthy food groups to keep my body and mind healthy. I’m committed to finding fun ways to be active every day. I will also encourage my friends to make smart food choices for my family and be active. ”

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ABOUT GEM. Mavericks-authorized girls aim to engage, inspire and empower young women (9-14 years old) by using physical activity as a background for their continued development and success. Girls will learn to appreciate their whole self. discover և develop their inherent strengths. և Get the support they need to meet the challenges they face. We will offer programming և workshops for all groups.