Photo-illustration. Photo by Paola Kudachki

In 2021, “the thing is health “What really gets tangled up is that there are a lot of things you sometimes have to buy to participate,” he says. Nikki Ogunayke. “How, crystals they are so expensive. ” But when it comes to that, then Harper’s Bazaar: digital director thinks that health can be as easy as “drinking water “Going out.” She says. “My friend Holder: it’s a lot of school where he thinks there are all kinds of products that people buy, buy և looking for to practice their health, but there are things like immobility, meditation, religion, clean air և Vitamin D. And I do not hit anyone. do what you need to focus on. But in my own life, making sure I do something for myself in the morning, before going to work, spending time with family, spending time with my boyfriend or girlfriend, all these very practical things make me feel my best. “It can be so simple.

Below և Ogunayke shares a comprehensive overview of her health practices, including how she starts the morning և her best advice if you want to get in running.

On its definition of health. In my early 20s, I would say that you eat well, drink your green juices, make sure you exercise five days a week. Now, I think it’s more complete. Health means spending time with my friends, setting boundaries between work and personal life, and making sure I’m as good mentally as he’s physically.

About how Covid-19 pandemic affected his health. For many of us, including me, the epidemic has allowed us to calculate the importance. I spent a lot of the beginning of my career. I was present at events և breakfasts, dinners և dinners և I was able to slow down for two reasons. He’s really calculating what I feel is valuable to me, what is possible to me. And sometimes it’s like having dinner with friends instead of going to that business dinner, or the feeling that I don’t need to spend three nights’s because I’m kind of tired, I just want to take a break.

How does he start his mornings? I usually wake up at 6 in the morning. In the period from 30 to 7. When I started working in digital media, I woke up early, mainly because I wanted to be able to spend some time with myself when it was quiet to do what I wanted. , be it reading the news or going for a run or talking to my sister or boyfriend? I like a slow morning; My close friends know that I do not like to rush. I walk around until I have to be vigilant. 30 or 10. At 00

When I wake up, I sit on my couch for a while and drink my first cup of coffee. Then I will do some kind of training. The movement from Monday to Friday is really important for me. I do not think I realized that I was worried – not necessarily with capital a -but I had a lot to do at the peak of COVID-19, so I spent a lot of time walking and running. I have tried to keep it because it is good for my mental health.

When I get back from workout, I drink a green drink that my friend or I make. It has fruits and vegetables, I like to have it in the morning because I feel that at least I start the day right. It can go down from there և but at least I drank my coffee և green smoothie և it’s good.

How does he eat? I do not follow a strict eating plan or anything like that. I try to eat healthily և I recently started eating low meat because և I find that my body responds better to it. Above all, I try to offer myself grace. It is obvious that many of us are obese during the epidemic. At first I kind of turned around, I was like, I have to go back to my jeans. But now I try to be kind to myself, just move my body naturally. New York is a walking city, so I tried to adopt what I was doing before COVID.

About mobile districts. I moved to Manhattan after moving to New York in 2007, and then in 2020, during the epidemic, I wanted to move to Bed Stu because I wanted to be with my friends. Frankly, Manhattan became very strange during COVID, but my move was not just because of the epidemic. I lived in a neighborhood where there was a police station, and with everything that was happening last year by racial calculations, people were trying to break into a blockade to get to a protest site. I was like I can no longer live in this environment! I do not feel safe. Manhattan as a whole also felt very apocalyptic, like a weird empty movie. What Manhattan deserves to live in is the infrastructure around you. You have your workouts, you have your favorite restaurants, you have your gym, all of that, և when it all disappears, you look like why I’m here?

I accidentally ended up in the block of one of my really good friends in Bed-Stuև և, so I like to joke that at COVID I decided to re-create the college-university experience և to be within walking distance of all my friends. It was really amazing when I was able to see friendly faces և to have this security system in this crazy, crazy time of the last two years. It’s one of the best decisions I can make.

How is he moving? I like to train because it is a moment for me. It is a moment that is not connected with work, it is not connected with external goals.

When I was about to turn 30, I really started running և I still keep doing it. It’s my number one sweatshirt. When COVID hit, I was training for a half marathon; Unfortunately, it was canceled, but I kept running to clean my head. Since many of my friends live in my neighborhood, I started running with them several times a week.

I’m going to a studio called Fit In in Bed-Stuy. It’s the business of black women. I go to their strength classes twice a week, I feel stronger, which is a nice stimulus. You hear the brothers in this exercise talk about their “achievements” և I’m very similar, Wow wow. I can actually lift heavier weights. [Laughs]

My sister just moved to Bedouin, we were walking, which makes me feel great Golden girls. Walking is a type of exercise that is not really It is considered an exercise, but only the movement of the body is incredibly important. So if it goes from time to time և long walks with my sister, I’m very happy about it.

About how he accepted the run. Jogging gets really bad because it was used as a punishment when we were growing up. If you were playing sports, you were silent, the coach was angry with you, made you run fast. Or, you know, we had things like the President Fitness Test where you had to run a mile, all that nonsense. In fact, running can be really great if it is not used as a punishment, but many still see it that way.

Besides, the problem with running is that everyone feels they have to do it or they have to love it, and I say, Why do you do that? “Personally, I like the effect of running on me mentally, I like the way my body looks during training.

When I started running, I ran with a running club, I think it’s a good way to get back into it. This is my first piece of advice for those who want to run. The nice thing about running clubs is that there is really no one left. There are all kinds of speeds տես body types, but all of them, if you are a part of a really great person, are really there to make you happy.

My running coach, Jes es Woods, often tells runners that you need to “meet yourself where you are.” This means that when running, do not compare yourself with yesterday’s run, the previous year’s run, how fast you were in the past or something else. Run your race – meet yourself where you are at that moment at that moment. What eventually happens is that when people start running, they go out and do one run, and if it ‘s a bad run, they do not do it for a week or two. In addition to the strength training, the stretching, and all that stuff, it’s really the consistency that makes you better.

About her beauty routine. I use some Barbara Sturm products. She has Enzyme Cleanser, but I also used Cetaphil facial cleanser. Here is this dermatologist, his name is Rose Ingleton, he has a really great vitamin C serum that I have been using for some time, in which I really saw a difference. There was a time when I was going to a bunch of dinners, my skin was really dull from sleeping, drinking wine, things like that, and drinking whey’s drinking a lot of water helped brighten me. But I’m not a ten-step girl. Low key. Washing my face while sleeping is not great.

For a moment in my life, I was doing the whole look of the foundation, the eyebrows, the contour, all that, then I was like, I feel like a clown. Also, it was really bad on my skin, so I walked back. Now I just do eyebrows, concealer, mascara, eye pencil, try to keep my face open, have the ability to breathe.

When taking breaks during the working day. Sometimes I take a shower in the afternoon. Just 20-30 minutes away from my computer, because my life is so intertwined with my phone և news cycle, I find it really useful.

I also like to dance, not just any formal dance, but just dance in my living room to the music. I’ve been doing a lot lately. My friend calls it “silent karaoke” because I always wear my headphones, it’s like I’m in my musical. It really makes me happy,: I try to do it every time I feel overwhelmed.

In social networks. During last year’s racial calculations, I tried to spend less time on social media. I deeply cleansed my social flow. I silenced many people. It was not a bad horse, but when I opened my food, I felt bombarded. I no longer felt like I owned my Twitter or Instagram feeds, so I followed back from a lot of people who honestly didn’t make me happy or upset or make me feel bad. Thanks to social media, a lot of people feel that they have to do it one way or this way, and this person is like … you are not. Silence the person if you do not like them. Follow them if you do not like them. For what it costs, Instagram has a lot of issues, but what they gave us is this dumb version, so use it.

How is he going to sleep? I’m getting a good night’s sleep. I did not sleep well at the peak of COVID-19, so I realized I had slept well before. I don’t really have a huge daily routine at night, but I’m a big TV personality, so I usually watch a show, usually something from Bravo Real housewives, very light! I can not watch violence or crowd shows at bedtime, such things will give me real nightmares. Then I try to go to bed until 10pm or 9pm. 30, if I post in my post, I really do. I will do the last Instagram post և Twitter post և I sleep with the lights off until 10:30.