From the announcement of Biden Vaccine Employer’s mandate to COVID Vaccines for Children և Vaccines, here are some of the highlights of the week.

The rule of Biden’s vaccine mandate has been published. What should HR know now?On Thursday, the Biden administration released details of the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine mandate rule for employers, eliminating uncertainty among organizations and demanding that HR executives act quickly to ensure that their employees are vaccinated. Read more here.

COVID vaccines for children are here. What role do employers play? The release of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 this week is the latest major step in the American immunization effort. This is another opportunity for employers to step up their efforts to increase the number of vaccines by offering incentives, messages, incentives, as well as challenges, all forcing employees to vaccinate their children. Read more here.

5 expert conclusions from the new mandate of OSHA vaccineThe Department of Occupational Safety and Health on Thursday unveiled details of a long-awaited rule following President Joe Biden’s announcement in September that required more than 100 U.S. employers to ensure that employees were either fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or tested weekly. for the virus. The long-awaited far-reaching rule, which is expected to affect some 84 million employees, has far-reaching implications for employers who, until recently, mostly clung to carrots instead of sticks, encouraging their employees to get vaccinated. Here is what experts say about the five main consequences of the rule. Read more here.

COVID promotion footage is here. What should employers do? Vaccination against COVID-19 has become one of the biggest responsibilities of employers երից one of the painful points. There were discussions about the role that companies should play. if they have to encourage shooting for their employees, demand or just do nothing. Companies have struggled with vaccine claims as they seek to reopen their jobs. They had to find out how to go back and check who had been vaccinated. Company leaders now need to add one more variable to the vaccine equation: additional COVID-19 vaccines for vaccinated individuals. Read more here.

How many workers have left their jobs to avoid vaccination mandates? Only 5% of unvaccinated workers, 1 1% of all workers in total, said they had quit their employer because of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which is further evidence that the fear of outflows due to mandates is so not as heavy as some. predicted. Read more here.

Why does a “healthy” organization provide a clear competitive advantage?Much has been said in recent months about the overall health of employees, including the mental, emotional, financial, psychological and other components of employee health. But how important is it to have a completely “healthy” organization? It is very possible, according to a new report, that such companies can see significant business benefits. Read more here.

Medical exemption from mandates. 5 answers from a legal expertAs private employers begin to widely accept COVID-19 vaccine mandates, they are increasingly confronted by resistance workers who claim that they have a medical reason why they cannot be vaccinated. However, how should HR managers, most of whom have no medical education, evaluate these claims? Can they ask for more information? And if they do not agree with the reasoning of the doctor who claims that the employee can not be vaccinated. Read more here.

10 things Microsoft has learned about successful hybrid workWith more than 175,000 employees in 74 countries, Microsoft faced a huge human challenge when the epidemic began early last year, և the world of work has largely moved to a more remote environment. From creating a connection in the virtual environment to meeting the rapidly changing needs of employees, Microsoft HR professionals have since worked to manage what is likely to be the “biggest change” in most employees’ careers, says Amy Coleman, vice president of corporate. HR և corporate functions at Microsoft. Read more here.

Guardians say next year they may be forced to choose between “guardianship responsibilities”Working caregivers say 2021 was one of the most difficult years of their lives as they faced the challenges խ of guardianship ՝ in the face of the ongoing epidemic, according to new data released by Fidelity Investments. Forty-two percent of child caregivers say they will be “destroyed” if school or vocational care does not return to normal soon. Read more here.

Here is how employer support can affect maintenanceWhen employers set out to provide significant support during COVID-19, that changed for the better, according to a study by consulting firm Mercer. Employees who say they have received good support, such as various benefits, virtual health care, or mental health care from their employers, are much less likely to view their personal experience of the epidemic as largely or entirely negative than those who received little or no support. Read more here.

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