The decision leaves organizations in a difficult position, but plans to step back can be more difficult, experts say.

The Department of Labor’s Department of Occupational Safety and Health says it is suspending vaccine rules against an employer in the Biden administration, which further increases the uncertainty of the future of the COVID-19 mandate and complicates employers’ plans. But despite the uncertainty over the mandate, experts say that many employers are likely to pursue vaccination policies anyway.

“While OSHA is confident in its ability to protect workers in emergencies, OSHA has suspended operations on the implementation and enforcement of the Interim Emergency Standard (ETS) pending further developments in the proceedings,” the agency said in a statement. on its website. .

The update follows a ruling by the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals last week that ruled out a “statutory-constitutional” issue. The case is now before the Sixth District Court of Ohio.

“Whether OSHA will reaffirm the timing of the implementation of the ETS depends on the expected decision of another federal District Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit. The district was selected through a ping-pong ball lottery to hear the consolidation of at least 34 legal challenges to ETS across the country, ”said Keith Wilkes, a partner Hall employment at Hall Estill National Law Office. Wilkes adds that the issue will probably be decided by the United States Supreme Court.

Under Biden’s mandate, the rules were formally promulgated by OSHA on November 4, requiring employers with more than 100 employees to comply with the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for their employees and to offer weekly testing alternatives to those who refuse or fail to receive them. vaccine until January 4.

While the fate of the mandate is uncertain, many employers continue to implement vaccine mandates in preparation for the federal mandate to protect their employees from COVID-19, says Carol Morrison, senior research analyst. Institute of Corporate Productivity (i4cp).

“When the mandates were announced, the companies took steps to comply. “Many went from encouraging to demanding vaccinations,” he said, noting that a September survey of i4cp employers found that 29% of employers planned or planned to require a full vaccination of all employees instead of the 10% who had planned. in June. “Increasing numbers of employers are also looking to ‘push back on vaccination mandates as a way to ensure safe, healthy working conditions while helping to reduce the risk of more COVID outbreaks,'” he said.

Suspending use by OSHA leaves employers in a difficult position because vaccination policies have been tough, Morrison says, but reversal plans can be detrimental to employers.

“If managers have announced mandates for their organizations, then canceling those decisions now, perhaps only to restore them in the future, is likely to cause further confusion and frustration for employees,” he said. “We have all been living in uncertainty for about two years. We know how it feels. So it makes sense that some leaders choose to continue what they have already begun. “It simply came to our notice then.

XpertHR Lawyer Melissa Gonzalez Boyce HIV Last week, when even if the future of federal law is uncertain և it will eventually be blocked, states that operate a federally approved occupational safety and health program can choose their vaccine mandate. “These state programs should be at least as effective as OSHA, but they may choose stricter standards than their federal counterpart,” he said.

Experts say that even though OSHA has suspended enforcement, employers need to be aware of the rule of law and be prepared to enforce it quickly.

“If the mandate goes beyond the Federal Court of Appeals, you can hope that OSHA will immediately lift the suspension, set new deadlines, and give employers a lot to do in the short term,” said Wilkes.

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