Peloton believes that his digital interactive experience is perfect for Australian sports. Launched in Australia, the company aims to be a fitness solution anytime, anywhere.

August 13, 2021

Peloton Australian CEO Karen Lawson explains why the fitness technology leader sees Australia as a key opportunity.

: Australians have embraced the trend of home և boutique fitness.

: Australians are early adopters of new technologies.

Է Australia is the gateway to the Asia-Pacific region.

An interactive exercise platform inspired by studio lessons

Founded in 2012 in New York, Peloton is a global interactive fitness platform. It brings the energy of studio-style training ները benefits to home comfort: comfort. For its Australian debut, Peloton introduced the original Peloton Bike, Peloton Bike + և Peloton app.

Australians have access to thousands of live և required courses in 10+ areas using the Peloton app. These include indoor cycling, jogging (outdoor և indoor), cardio, strength: yoga. All Peloton content is available anytime, anywhere և does not require the purchase of Peloton equipment.

“What we’re doing is the same energy, excitement and friendliness in your home that you get during a fitness boutique class,” says Lawson.

“You get the best instruction, amazing music, you train with the people around you. You can choose your hashtags միջոցով use them to find your staff around the world. “Given that thousands of people use Peloton all the time.”

First class workouts on your toes

Peloton has 5.4 million users in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and now Australia. Membership was growing, but interest grew as COVID-19 forced people to train at home. Lawson believes that Australia is the model market for this new method.

“Australians are very passionate about fitness,” he said. “Getting boutique fitness here has been faster and more aggressive than anywhere else in the world.

“Australians are early adopters of technology. Fitness programs have long played a big role in their daily lives. ”

The Peloton app allows users to work anytime: anywhere they choose. – You can do yoga on the beach. You can do high-intensity interval training in the park, in your garden or in a hotel room. It brings you the experience of the lesson. ”

Invest in the long run by strengthening your presence

Peloton plans to invest heavily in Australia to build his presence. It will open several retail galleries, hire sales, logistics and delivery teams. The company will have 2 showrooms in Sydney and a presence in Melbourne.

“Our investments in Australia are significant,” he said. “It’s not just infrastructure, retail, but also services. We hire PR, advertising նելու media buying agencies.

“We have partnered with Australian businesses to regulate our logistics processes. We will have our own vans, the teams that will deliver, will install the bike. We will also teach people how to use it. It’s a full-fledged, white glove service. ”

Connecting fitness fans around the world

Lawson is confident that Peloton will succeed, claiming that there is no rival in Australia who does such a thing.

“We connect with working groups, friends and families around the world,” he says. “We bring this incredible content, community և comfort. This was possible during COVID-19.

“You can contact your partner anywhere. “One could run in New York’s Central Park, the other in Sydney Centennial Park.”

He emphasizes that it is not only about physical fitness. Are there any meditation or sleep meditation lessons for mental well-being?

Getting a business for a walk

Peloton will launch a corporate health program in Australia later this year. The Businesses program will offer businesses subsidized membership subscriptions բացառ exclusive benefits of connected fitness products.

Peloton also plans to work with Australian hotels, luxury suites and holiday rental agencies.

“We created a hotel seeker in the United States because of the demand for members,” says Lawson. “You choose your hotel based on what Peloton has. “People are changing their travel behavior because they want to train with Peloton.”

As of May 2021, Peloton members performed an average of 26 training sessions per month. “This is not a bicycle that will become a clothing horse,” he says.

Work with Austrade to open doors

Lawson admits it was “extremely difficult” for Peloton to launch in Australia during COVID-19.

“Austrade was very helpful,” he says. “They advised us on travel restrictions and found solutions. They connected us with the government և industry so that we could explain our startup plans. This included the jobs we created, our contribution to economic growth.

“Austrid changed a real game for us. We moved very quickly with their help. “

The Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce և Austrade has advised potential Peloton employees to relocate to Australia.

Expansion to the Asia-Pacific region

“Success is about members’ happiness,” says Lawson. “We want to reach all of Australia, we have that opportunity through the app.”

Regional expansion is also on the Peloton radars.

“Australia is a beach in the Asia-Pacific region,” Lawson said. “When the conditions are right, we will expand. We are passionate about growth բեր bringing people great experiences.

“We will look at Australia’s free trade agreements and determine the conditions under which we could be more successful.”

About Austrade:

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