The time Prevention:, we are proud to choose the best products for our readers. Our mission has always been to have high-quality, expertly selected options that really solve a problem for you, make your day easier or bring joy to your life.

That’s why we choose Prevention options: every month where our editors manually select products that have really changed their lives in the last month. From brand new launches to tried-and-true favorites, we shout for beauty products that cost you money, fitness equipment that will enhance your workouts, comfortable home equipments, delicious snacks that stand out from the crowd, and much more.

During this month you will find some basic summer necessities like natural deodorant that smells like, cult cultured moisturizer SPF և sandals that can be stylish. and But we also found new favorites to enjoy throughout the year, including vegetable sausage to appeal to meat lovers, healthy grain that is nice, and a cleansing brush that almost guarantees glowing skin.

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Olukai Aukai Flips-Flops

“It’s really hard to find nice և auxiliary t-shirts, but I’m so happy with Olukai’s beauty, a sustainable brand that aims to preserve Hawaii. The: High quality leather upholstered, beautifully dressed և Made from gold certified leather mills to reduce water waste. The arch support is perfect for long walks, ընդհանուր the overall look of these sandals is so easy to combine with any simple summer outfit.

– Alisa Hrustik, Deputy Editor


Brooks Dare Strappy Bra

“I’m always looking for a supportive running bra that stays in place without squeezing life away from me or feeling too cramped. I happened to meet my new boyfriend, Dare from Brooks. The: The area of ​​the cup is molded, the inner layer turns over, does not touch the sensitive skin under my breast, and the straps stay comfortably in place.. “Besides, there are many beautiful colors, և the moisture-proof material dries very quickly (otherwise my sweaty bra hangs from the shower rod to dry), և it is very soft.”

– Alisa Jung, Senior Editor


Fenty Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer SPF 30:

“Even in the case of vanity filled with moisturizers, this is always what I strive for, because there is so much to love about it. It is a 2-in-1 moisturizing sunscreen that is extremely light, oil-free and does not leave any white plaster on deeper skin.. It has a deliciously sensual, delicate, flower-fruity scent. Also, it works as a primer before applying my makeup, I like that there is no peeling or feedback in the photos. ”

– Shauna Benny, Associate Business Editor


Apple AirTag:

“Apple AirTag helps me to track my belongings very easily. The: Simple setup uses Bluetooth technology to allow iOS devices to show you the exact location. I keep one next to my key and the other in my wallet. It is also great for a variety of other tasks, such as missing a bike, backpack, child, senior, etc.

– Sue Cactus, Assistant Editor-in-Chief


Nutpods Unsweetened Dairy-Free Creamer (4 pcs)

“I discovered this dairy-free cream when I tried the Whole30 diet. I needed something to lighten my coffee when I cut the dairy. I do not follow Whole30 rules anymore, but that cream has been in the fridge ever since. It does not have the bitterness that I find in almond milk for coffee, or the extreme coconut flavor of coconut creams. It’s very creamy, it tastes great, կայուն the shelf is firmly open, so I can always have it on hand. Also, I replace it with heavy cream recipes; it works like magic. ”

– Ariel Veg, Associate Professor Editor


Sol de Jane anero Rio Deo without aluminum deodorant

“This is the most beloved deodorant of all time. I have tried many natural deodorants եմ I am disappointed with many. This one smells so good (like a spoonful of pistachio ice cream, but I promise it doesn’t smell like your feet); In fact, it smells good all day long. It gently cleanses the skin, so it helps ensure that you do not penetrate with ingrown hairs.

– Katie Berro, Beauty Assistant


Brita plastic water filter bottle

“Reusable water bottles are much more than convenient, they also help the environment. This one is from Britain has a filter system that leaves the taste of each spoon, as if I just collected a little water from the fjord. “Over the years, I have had a variety of these water bottles (և I have even tried different brands), but I keep coming back to Britain.”

– Emily Goldman, Senior Editor


Trails: An Exploreration by Robert Moore:

“Ing noticing all my walkers. You will love get lost in this thoughtful, engaging book about all kinds of trailsthose we walk (I never thought about how they are built), those who create animals (animals are brilliant), even those we cannot see. You will never go out the same way again. ”

– Sarah Smith, Editor-in-Chief


Field-fried Italian garlic և dill vegetable sausage

“My household is a mix of vegetarians and meat lovers, so we often have to make two versions of the same dish. But cooking was not a problem as we discovered Field Roast. We are addicted. Even my meat-loving grandmother now prefers it in her paella. Field Roast offers several different flavors, but Italian garlic և dill have a perfect balance of spices, taste and smoke. I lay eggs in the morning, throw them in pasta for dinner, or bake them as a snack. ”

Mica Bahn, editorial partner


Big Hair Claw Clips:

“Not all hairpins are created equal. After pulling my hair back for years in a traditional box, I was given one of them, let me tell you. it changes lives. other useless hair և permanent rearrangements. My job makes me feel safe every time. Also, it looks a little more complicated than a mess bun in the middle of an effort. ”

– Kayla Blunto, freelance writer


ChocXO dark chocolate almond butter cups (4 pcs)

“We’re nuts for peanut butter cups in my house,” he says. They: They are made of 70% cocoa, but have only 3 grams of sugar without sugar substitutesso both my kids and my carb-eating friend can wear them with a scarf. They are so good. ”

– Stephanie Dolgoff, Deputy Director, Health Newsroom


Anisa cleaning brush

“This is one of the best tools I have in my beauty bag right now. It is a facial cleansing brush designed to gently exfoliate, deep clean your pores for a smooth, even finish. It does not require batteries, so you can use it all the time. I also like the fact that the handle has a special handle with non-slip edges, which makes it easier to use with wet hands.. When you are ready to clean it, just take your head out, wash it, dry it, you are ready to use it again. ”

– Shauna Benny, Associate Business Editor


Casadorna stainless steel reusable drinking straws

“During the epidemic, I really got into smoothies because I had to mix them quickly in the morning when I was working from home. Buying and throwing plastic straws seemed so wasteful, the stainless steel straws were amazing. They are not wasteful, they are easier to clean than expected, they are perfect for drinking my smoothie in the morning or a weekend cocktail. ”

– Ariel Veg, Associate Professor Editor


Sabor Mexicano Homemade Salsa Verde:

“Jarred salsa salsa verde loses some important elements when it is not really fresh. But considering the classic, Sabor Mexicano broke the code, providing a smoky, spicy, sophisticated salsa with enough individuality և stroke to fit in your fridge. My family buys it wholesale, adding it in taco, burrito և rice bowls, abandoned. You will probably find at least three cans in our cellar at any given time. ”

– ake yak smith, editorial assistant


R + Co Sun Catcher Power C Boosting Leave-In Conditioner:

“I am always looking for hair products that will strengthen the waves and fight against hair loss, but I have never tried an air conditioner before. I started with R + Co Sun Catcher, և my search ended immediately. Founded by hair care industry legends, this one The vegan line seals in moisture and softens my most fragile strands. What I do is wash and rub my hair after towel drying. It smells amazing. ”

– Mica Bahn, editorial partner


Clif Honey & Peanut Butter Cereal

“It’s logical that the company, known for its energy bars, has just launched a collection of four types of grains to help fill your morning. I tried three of them, they all tasted great, but my favorite is Honey & Peanut Butter. It: contains only 6 grams of sugar per serving, but a whopping 7 grams of fiber և 8 grams of protein. In addition, grain bags can be recycled if you take them to a grocery store. ”

– Caitlin Peary, Senior Editor

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