Prime IV Hydration & Wellness - St. George, Utah

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness – St. George, Utah

Prime IV mobile services bring the benefits of IV therapy on the spot to your business or corporate event.

Prime IV Hydration and Wellness focuses on maximizing the health of your employees խուսափ Avoiding diseases through IV therapy. With 100% absorption of essential vitamins, you can feel better. ”

– Heidi Nigil, owner of Prime IV St George

ST. GEORGE, Utah, USA, November 19, 2021 / – St. George’s Prime IV continues to support corporate health programs with mobile IV therapy services at on-site business or corporate events. This retail location also offers meetings for small groups of employees who can visit at the same time.

“Many successful companies realize that employee well-being is a necessity,” said Heidi Nigil, owner of Prime IV St. George. “It’s really fundamental to a high-performance workforce; it can reduce medical costs, increase employee productivity, increase retention, reduce absenteeism, expand collaboration, foster a strong company culture.”

For business owners looking for a healthy և impressive way to provide VIP treatment to employees or event attendees, St. George’s Prime IV mobile services offer a unique way to bring the benefits of IV therapy to any business or corporate event, including: :

• Team building activities
• Annual events
• Holiday parties
• Employee Perk Programs:
• Employee Performance Awards
• Workshops

What is Prime IV?
Prime IV focuses on maximizing the health of your employees խուսափ Avoiding diseases through IV therapy. With 100% absorption of essential vitamins, nutrients և amino acids you can live better, feel better և improve.

For those who have just started IV therapy, consider all the benefits of IV treatment.

Intravenous administration is the most effective way to absorb vitamins and nutrients.
• Clients usually feel better immediately after treatment. The effect is improved by permanent treatments. Many feel simple, energetic, and lively.
• It’s fast. IV therapy may be completed with a lunch break or a small boost between meetings.
• It can be used as part of a treatment plan for many chronic diseases such as fatigue, pain, depression, migraines, etc.
• It is a powerful immune booster. There is no winter sickness here, thank you.
• Deeply moisturizing, works at the cellular level.
• It is tailored to the symptoms.

In addition to the incredible health benefits, consider all the other great reasons to introduce Employees to Prime IV Therapy.

Loyalty of employees
Dedicated employees work hard for every company. Business owners can now demonstrate that they prioritize employee health and well-being by setting a precedent for a corporate welfare culture.

Employees will not only be happier, healthier, but more productive. This can help eliminate the cost of lost hours from sick days.

Entire work teams can inspect Prime IV locations to see IV facilities in a spa-like environment. But it is not the only choice. being better just got more comfortable. Prime IV mobile services can provide a healing effect anywhere. Mobile visits are up to 20 miles from your nearest Prime IV site. (Optional applies for 20+ miles).

No two employees will be the same, so why should their IV cocktails be the same? They do not have to be. Prime IV offers a huge range of IV cocktails using the following combinations of nutrients և vitamins: B-Complex, calcium mineral, glutathione, magnesium chloride, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-5, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, zinc, և Zofran.

If you do not know what to get, try one of the customers’ favorites.

The Revitalizer. You feel exhausted, indifferent, you just do not know what happened to your vitality. Fight fatigue quickly with this super-powerful drop.
Myers cocktail. Nutrients to relieve a number of medical conditions, including depression, asthma, migraine, fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, respiratory infections, allergies, and many other disorders.
Immunity armor. Complete boost of your immune system. High doses of vitamin C, zinc, which have been shown to help prevent, reduce, and reduce the severity of colds, flu, and viral infections.

Prime Customer Support:
The staff at Prime IV Hydration & Wellness St George are passionate about health և health. Based on the growing dependence on health լրացուցիչ additional fitness alternatives, they provide the best formulations based on comprehensive research և medical approval. Employees educate customers about their personal health և fitness while providing the highest quality vitamin cocktails, unlike what others currently offer. This retail location provides a spa-like experience, offering the public an alternative to pills or other substances that are not completely natural and can be harmful to the body if used “for a long time.”

Plan a drip day
Get IV drops on the spot or at Prime IV near you. We organize events of any size, we look forward to your group or business. Contact us for details on group prices.

about us
Prime IV Hydration & Wellness – St. Based on the growing demand for better physical health, our infusion specialists provide individual advice, such as higher doses, better formulas than you can find anywhere else. We provide high quality IV drip therapy with IV vitamins, amino acids, cocktails, unlike what others currently offer. Our spa-like experience gives clients the benefits of IV hydration therapy և plays a role in helping them stay hydrated, boosts their immune system, boosts energy levels, accelerates weight loss, and more. For those who can not visit our retail outlets, our mobile service can provide IV treatments to your home or office.

Contact us online at, via email at or by calling 435.522.5005. Prime IV Hydration & Wellness now has four states in Utah, with stores in St. George, Lehi, Riverwood (Provo) and South Jordan.

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