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Reulay Inc., a virtual reality therapy platform for reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace, announced today that Dr. Rebecca Ray, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at the Conference Board, has joined the Relay Advisory Board.

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Reulay Inc., a virtual reality treatment platform for workplace stress and anxiety reduction, announced today that Dr. Rebecca Ray, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at the Conference Board, has joined the Relay Advisory Board. (Photo by Business Wire)

Rebecca Ray currently heads the US Center for Human Capital on The Conference Board. Previously, Rebecca was responsible for talent acquisition, training և leadership development, staff involvement և experience, performance management, executive appraisal, coaching և succession management at several leading organizations, including Fortune 50. He was named “Chief Responsible for Training of the Year” Main person in charge of training is one of Warren Bennis Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Developers Leadership excellence The magazine և was recently tapped for the Marshall Goldsmith 100.

As a member of the Advisory Board, Rebecca will advise Relay’s executive team as they continue to scale the company to increase workplace well-being through individualized employee interventions on their platform.

“Without a doubt, the effects of the global epidemic, economic uncertainty, and social unrest have caused significant damage to the collective mental health and well-being of society,” he said. Rebecca L. “Prospective corporations seeking to succeed in this new norm are looking for ways to help their most precious asset, their human capital, not just survive but thrive in the face of constant change or disruption.” “I’m excited to be joining the Reulay Advisory Board; I look forward to the positive impact of their innovative virtual reality interventions on the employees, leaders, and organizations that their organizations serve.”

The Relay Research Virtual Therapy platform is now being adopted by leading organizations when it is needed more than ever. According to a recent study by The Conference Board, the welfare of workers has suffered since the outbreak. Employee fatigue and the number of employees with mental health problems have increased, and work-life balance, involvement and morale have decreased, and employees with high levels of personal well-being have decreased.

Dr. Srin Pillay, Rayleigh’s co-founder and chief medical officer, said Rayleigh was extremely impressed with Dr. Ray’s contributions. “Rebecca brings a strong combination of academic insight, rigor and pragmatism into our current approach to welfare,” he said. “Like most of us, he believes we need a new approach to corporate well-being that will intelligently address the mental health crisis we face. “Rebecca’s presence in the team increases our confidence that our interventions will remain relevant, concrete and results-based.”

“We are proud that Rebecca has joined our Advisory Board, deepening our collective experience, highlighting the capacity and need of Fortune 1000 organizations to actively embrace innovative solutions to their employees’ stress,” said Patrick Kandela, CEO of Reulay.

About Rayla

Riley’s virtual reality therapy platform for stress and anxiety in the workplace uses brain science and machine learning to perform personalized evidence-based digital interventions.

Founded by leading psychiatrists and technologists, Rayleigh is now accepted by corporations as a mental health benefit for endurance, productivity, and mental performance.

Relay promotes digital therapies on VR, AR և Web networks for the treatment of anxiety disorders.

About Rebecca Ray

Rebecca Ray, PhD, is the Executive Vice President of Human Capital at The Conference Board, a member-based think tank that provides reliable insights into upcoming events. He is a member of the executive team that heads the US Center for Human Capital. Ray is responsible for engaging members և managing the strategy and integration of all Human Capital proposals, including research, peer networking (advice), conferences, webcasting, as well as pilot training և executive activities.

Investor: Forbes:, Rebecca is a frequent speaker at conferences and briefings. His research, comments, blogs և achievements of different teams are on display Financial Times, The New York Times, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post, Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Learning Officer, Training, Human Resources, HR People + Strategy (HRPS), and Talent management. His focus is on leadership, involvement, culture, inclusion and analysis, as well as human capital management. Co-author of several books focusing on human capital business impact management, he serves on the advisory or editorial boards of major corporations, as well as the Business Practice Board for the World’s Largest Business School Accreditation (AACSB). .

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