For years, the high-end animal industry has been adapting health-based practices to its operational model, from design trends to tailored programming to activities to increase resident engagement.

But health focus is not a simple process; it involves, among other things, the involvement of many stakeholders, the transformation of physical spaces, the integration of technology. This is what the leaders of the SRG Senior Senior Living and life plan community Moorings Park said during a recent Senior Housing News webinar.

Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of the health paradigm, with suppliers such as SRG and Moorings Park promoting pre-epidemic health benefits as well as some unforeseen benefits.

These providers have developed a health-care model that defines what health means to their organizations, identifying staff-to-resident relationships as part of a successful health care program, and finding that older people are more resilient to change than some people think.

“Promoting health involves involving residents and staff in community change,” said Dr. Sara Matico, Corporate Director of Life Enrichment at SRG Senior Living.

“Health is much more than exercise and food, which I think industry is wrong about,” he said.

Pioneer of a healthy lifestyle center

One of the most common health focus mistakes when making changes without considering the impact they will have on residents և frontline workers.

Based in Naples, Florida, Moorings Park is a community plan community consisting of three separate campuses, one of which is currently under development with full continuity of care. The community adopted a health-based approach in 2007 by hiring its first health staff.

Moorings Park was a healthcare initiative as it uncovered a large number of retirement planners. The oldest boomers turned 65 in 2011, and now they are at the age where they are seriously considering moving to a senior apartment.

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As a result, Moorings Park built health-focused fitness centers, upgraded existing fitness facilities, and launched a Healthy Lifestyle Center that provides resident-centered facilities that improve health care for residents and expand their knowledge about aging. , Introduces new approaches to care to maximize health.

Located in the heart of its Naples camps, the Healthy Lifestyle Center offers a range of clinical և non-clinical offers through a 24/7 concierge health program. The outpatient therapy center is located next to the doctor’s office, which is adjacent to the lecture hall, nail spa, retail massage room. This encourages communication և interaction between clinicians այլ other health professionals և on how to promote health integration at a larger center.

“We had to create a place where we could say, ‘This is the expression of our philosophy.’ And this should permeate everything we do, everywhere in our universities, ”Lavander said.

Moorings Park was at the forefront of building its Healthy Life Center, but the Life Plan community is not alone in adopting this model. A 2016 report by Perkins Eastman, an architectural firm, highlighted the growth of CHLs, highlighting how Moorings Park specifically managed to use its CHLs to improve the sense of community at the university. increase opportunities for cooperation with other organizations. և Collect positive marketing / referral results.

In addition, a survey of 26 Perkins Eastman participants, including senior care providers, architects, and industry consultants, identified the far-reaching benefits of CHLs. Continuing, Perkins Eastman suggested that CHLs could serve as a hub for greater integration with the extramarital community, a trend that is also intensifying in the post-epidemic environment as larger suppliers seek to diversify their revenue streams և meet growing demand for home care :

SRG և Behavioral Science

Called Solana Beach, California, SRG serves more than 5,000 residents in 32 communities in seven states and is a pioneer in weaving health. SRG defines health as the period of life spent in health that is free of chronic conditions. This also applies to preventive prevention.

The provider’s health plan, SRG Zest, enables residents to be active participants in their own health և well-being և live a healthy lifestyle now preventing chronic diseases և other elements.

“Health is really an experience of joy, satisfaction, positive well-being, combined with the idea that a person’s life is good, meaningful and valuable,” said Matiko.

SRG Zest is involved in all aspects of SRG activities, from eating պատրաստված physical fitness to cognitive improvement և mental health.

Building the project involved collecting residents’ opinions through focused grouping այլ other data collection practices. One thing that immediately stood out was the extent to which the communities were involved և investing in the staff of the residents.

This is a basic behavioral science, said Matiko, who understands the importance of promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For example, smokers tend to associate with smokers.

SRG realized that the success of its Zest program required both residents and staff to make purchases, and created an employee health plan based on resident data that Zest truly inspired in its cultural fabric.

“We know we can influence one person in the community, be it a resident or an employee, that the probability of two people having the same health behavior is about 80%, which is quite high,” he said.

Encouragement is baked into the est est system. Fresh Zest, SRG’s dining app, is a vegetarian menu option offered to both residents and staff. It is not easy to force people to change their eating habits, so SRG culinary teams held a recipe contest in which the winning prizes received cash prizes.

Culinary teams were able to build menus based on the recipes they received, which were filled with presentations and feedback, before returning to the usual menu options. After the competition, residents և staff were encouraged to share stories about other positive benefits associated with weight loss և diet change. The SRG received several testimonies from residents who lost many pounds as a result of the change, մեկը one of the employees who was waiting for a liver transplant claimed that the change in diet saved his life.

“Those kinds of success stories keep it in the minds of the respective residents,” he said.

Technology increases participation

One lesson providers learned during the epidemic is how older people were able to adapt to technology at a speed that many would not have thought possible before.

Just as Zoom, FaceTime, and other platforms were used to keep people in touch with employees, loved ones, and others, so the technology worked to deliver virtual health-based applications.

“Integrating health with technology adds to the benefits of reaching the entire population, as the virtual environment has allowed newer residents to adapt to meeting their neighbors before the Covid era, connecting in ways they would not have before,” Matiko said.

“It was really enlightening for us, because they could have moved because of needs, or lost their spouse, they were not comfortable communicating on that social level,” he said.

Moorings Park moved its exercise classes to its own in-house TV channel and organized group work through virtual settings during the early weeks of the epidemic, Lavander said.

But it was only when the bridge population of residents discovered that they could shift their regular scheduled game time to virtual settings that the provider realized that its census was more adaptable to technology than it had realized.

“We could actually see internet use growing in our communities,” he said.

This will develop as long as the epidemic persists, և the industry will eventually enter with the Covid environment. Moorings Park is working on ways to balance individual և virtual events, including discussions with residents’ councils on how to achieve this.

«[Resident councils] “I want everything to flow. We resisted that,” Lavander said. “It’s still a developing situation.”