Best Buy is reportedly expanding its reach in healthcare. In other news, AmeriHealth Caritas is listed on the ACA; Olympus medical technology company may be subject to cyber attack. Deaths in Illinois VA nursing home are due to neglect of covid guidelines, etc.

Health Contemporary healthcare. Best Buy continues to boost the healthcare industry by achieving current health

Best Buy on Tuesday said it intends to acquire Current Health, a technology start-up that develops home health tools. The acquisition supports the continued drive of the consumer electronics retailer into the home healthcare market. “The future of consumer technology is directly related to the future of healthcare,” said Deborah Di Sanzo, president of Best Buy Health, in a press release. “By combining Current Health’s remote care management platform with our existing healthcare products և services, we can create a complete ecosystem of care.” (Kim Cohen, 10/12)

In other health news –

Health Contemporary healthcare. AmeriHealth Caritas enters ACA exchange as Medicaid reaffirmations slow

Medicare և Medicaid-administered care provider AmeriHealth Caritas will enter the Affordable Care Act in 2022, a Philadelphia-based insurer said on Tuesday. AmeriHealth, which covers 5 million lives in 13 states in the District of Columbia, will present ACA health plans at different levels in 25 counties in North Carolina this year during the Open Door Registration, which runs from November 1 through January 15. said it plans to model its exchange programs based on Medicaid recommendations that focus on the social determinants of health that affect the patient, such as AmeriHealth care management and health programs. AmeriHealth, which could not comment until the deadline, recently invested in these models. (Sheets, 10/12)

Health Contemporary healthcare. Olympus says US IT systems have been hit by possible cyberattacks

The medical technology company Olympus has removed some of the information technology systems while studying possible cyber attacks. Olympus said in an online announcement that the company had discovered “suspicious activity” over the weekend in its IT systems across the Americas, including Canada, Latin America and the United States. Olympus did not share details of the suspicious behavior, but said the company had deployed a team of forensic experts to investigate possible cyber-attacks. In an effort to contain the problem, Olympus shut down the IT systems of affected Canada, Latin America and the United States, informing “relevant foreign partners”, although it did not specify who those partners were. (Kim Cohen, 10/12)

USA Today. The Illinois VA Nursing Home did not follow federal guidelines for COVID-19. 11 residents died

Illinois Veterans Retirement Home management and staff mismanaged a coronavirus outbreak that killed 11 people in the fall of 2020 after staff were alerted to the dangers of an epidemic for the elderly. The house’s staff was denied the test and told to simply wear a mask at the end of the residents’ shift. The next day the employee had a positive result. The tests were inconclusive, even after the virus began to spread in Denville, inside the Veterans Affairs Complex in a rural part of the state near the Indiana border. The isolation of identified individuals, even those with positive results, was accidental. (Anush, 10/12)

WUFT. The portable dental unit cares for the poorly cared for communities in Marion County

The Langley Mobile Dental Unit is a federally funded mobile van that offers free dental services to residents of Marion County. The portable dentistry department has served hundreds of patients during its five years of operation, according to Chief Operating Officer Paul Quinn. He said some patients were not insured. Others are homeless, low-income or labor migrants. However, there are more patients struggling with mental illness or drug addiction. For all these patients in Marion County, the Langley Mobile Dental Department is a godsend in a variety of situations. (Ewing, Occasio և Dergins, 10/12)

KHN. Healthcare Industry Gives Strength in California High Stakes Fight to Reduce Health Costs

Mr. Newsom informed the California health care industry when he was running for governor, promising to back insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals in 2018, as many Californians struggle with huge medical bills and insurance premiums. He promised to lead California’s only paying movement, which is a liberal liberal dream that would eliminate private health insurance and reduce provider pay. The harsh rhetoric continued after his election, when Newsom told insurers to “do their damn thing” of improving mental health treatment or face fines, and he promised to cut back on growing health care revenues. (Hart Young, 10/13)

In corporate news –

Health Contemporary healthcare. BCBS CEOs earn more in 2020 than profitable insurers, the report says

CEOs of Blue Cross և Blue Shield insurers received higher compensation in 2020 compared to their non-profit partners, according to a recent report. Minnesota CEO Craig Summit’s 109% annual increase in Blue Cross Shield was the largest salary, up to $ 3.3 million in 2020, according to the AIS Health analysis of CEO compensation compensation by 42 largest insurers. A Minnesota BCBS spokesman said Semit had retired in May and declined to comment on his compensation. (Sheets, 10/12)

Florida Times-Union. Mayo Clinic Jacksonville expands with emergency services, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville is experiencing a $ 460 million construction boom to expand internationally recognized medical care to improve services for patients, their families, researchers, and hospital staff. The recently announced $ 70 million Hilton Hotel, which will be built on the site of Southside Medical Center, is the newest of the six major projects at the medical center in various stages. The other five are either in the design phase, under construction, or recently completed at the medical center, communications manager Kin May Punski told the Florida Times-Union. (Stepzinski, 10/12)

Statistics. Big Health is getting a deal to ship its digital therapies nationwide

Part of the magic of software-based medical treatment is the ability to reach people in need on a large scale. And there is no one-size-fits-all scale. The National Health Service of Scotland announced today that the products of Big Health, a digital therapist, will be easily accessible to all adults in the country. Nearly 5 million people will be eligible to use Sleepio, the company’s product for treating insomnia with CBT և Daylight, which is indicated for anxiety. (Aguilar, 10/13)

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