Boulder, Colo., Nov 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – For the holiday season, The Tea Spot has partnered with a charity to create a limited-edition charity, a collection of water tea cups that provide clean water for each collection. sold – to the needy. The set includes a 32 ounce travel container with a syringe with double insulation to keep the tea fresh for hours (hot or cold). The special collection also includes a “Peach on Earth” oolong tea 25+ serving package for bottle use. One hundred percent of the net proceeds from each sale will be donated to charity. water to bring clean water to about 2,500 people to raise a total of $ 100,000.

Charity as a non-profit organization. Water funds sustainable water projects in areas of greatest need; works with local partners to implement them. The Tea Spot is Steepware, a leading maker of handmade full-featured teas, donating 10 percent of its profits to community health programs around the world through its 10% For Wellness program.

Maria Uspensky, Founder and CEO of The Tea Spot, said: “It is a great honor for me to have our company partner in charity – water, I am very excited to offer The Tea Spot x charity with this limited edition. strength for health. This is the perfect gift to bring back to this holiday season, providing clean, safe water to one needy person in a developing country, while at the same time injecting the goodness of tea with the owner for the recipient. ”

The founder of the water charity organization Scott Harrison said. “The Tea Spot’s mission as a socially responsible business, like its 10% For Wellness program, is very much in line with charity. The purpose of water is to help communities. When the community gets access to clean water, it can change almost anything. It can improve health, increase access to food, develop local economies, and help children spend more time in school. We are excited about this partnership with The Tea Spot and look forward to helping as many people around the world as possible. ”

Charity since 2006. Water has funded 79,136 water projects around the world to help more than 13.2 million people have access to clean water, sanitation and improved sanitation. To date, all of The Tea Spot’s 10% For Wellness donations have gone directly to cancer և community health programs, և The Tea Spot has donated over 10 million cups of tea to various organizations.

Why water? According to the charity Water, 785 million people in the world live without clean water. It is almost one in 10 people in the world or twice the population of the United States. In parallel, The Tea Spot’s mission is to develop solutions for healthy hydration, so water availability is at the heart of them.

To order The Tea Spot’s Limited-edition charity Water Tea Tumbler Collection, visit Delivery is free to the lower 48 states of the United States, but note that the package is excluded from further discounts, as 100% of the net proceeds are donated to charity. clean water applications.

The drum of the collection is lead-free, cadmium և BPA. The Tea Spot’s “Peach on Earth” tea is a traditional jade oolong that is grown along winding mountain streams in China’s Fujian Province. Its slightly oxidized, wrapped holders open to give it a soft, lilac scent. The natural sweet: aromatic nature of this tea is perfectly emphasized by the essence of peach, it is delicious cold-boiled or hot-soaked.

To learn more about The Tea Spot և its premium tea series և Steepware®, visit or To read about The Tea Spot 10% Health Plan, visit For more information about charity: water, visit

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