What’s up. In addition to promoting the health of their communities, the practice of doctors is a key component of their local households, ինչպես like other small businesses, they must compete for the best talent in the area to fill their operations.

In addition to the labor market, practices face an imminent reduction in Medicare payments, as well as lower patient volumes and increased delivery costs due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

This environment requires an attractive package for employees և AMA Insurance Agency, Inc., a subsidiary of AMA, has introduced new software (PDF) to help physicians recruit the best to work in their offices.

One is an additional health insurance program that allows doctors to create customized tax incentive (PDF) packages required by today’s job seekers. This program is another program that is specifically designed to address the mental and behavioral health needs of employees.

Both plans were developed by ArmadaCare, Maryland Insurance Program Manager, which specializes in filling gaps in both normal and contingency health costs, and was signed by Sirius America Insurance.

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Why is it possible? AMA Insurance Supplemental Health Insurance Program Promotes Coverage (PDF) for Normal, Optional, Unexpected Mental Health Expenses. This supplementary insurance coverage is compatible with many types of primary insurance, including health savings accounts.

Options are available for all practitioners of all sizes այլ other healthcare organizations. Small internships can use the program to promote their employees’ health insurance, while large internships can be seen as a tool to retain, recruit, and reward physicians with other core talents.

“Medical practices do not compete for talent just for pay,” said Pamela Moy, president of AMA Insurance. “Creating a sustainable benefit structure can create a culture of loyalty, which in turn can help reduce turnover and boost productivity.”

As interns define competencies, they can create the package they think will best recruit and retain the talented staff in their organization.

AMA Insurance With an additional health insurance plan, physicians’ practices have exclusive access to ArmadaCare’s WellPak plan. In addition to providing coverage for doctor visits, prescriptions, and health care, this program is designed to help eliminate barriers that staff may face to behavioral health services and welfare assistance that they may need. This is available through WellPak Connect & Thrive services.

Connect & Thrive (PDF) uses a valid clinical assessment tool to direct employees to the personalized resources they need, including mental health counseling or wellness training to help manage stress.

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“Investing in the mental health of employees is the right thing for employers to do as corporate citizens; it’s in the best interests of the business,” said Ed Walker, CEO of ArmadaCare. “Plus, with all the offers, there are secret resources for daily stressors, crisis care, and everything in between – easy on-demand access and navigation.”

“The AMA has tremendous resources to help organizations address the environmental issues that usually cause physicians to burn out,” Moy said. “We believe the WellPak insurance plan is a good complement to help medical teams meet the mental health needs of their employees. Together, these resources can make a difference for healthcare organizations. ”

Learn more. AMA Insurance was created in 1988 to meet the insurance and financial needs of physicians in all 50 states. His exclusive և physician-focused portfolio includes disability, individuals կյանքի health, health insurance, medical practice և other institutions.