Burlington County Awards Ceremony Information

SINAMINSON – Eleven women will be recognized for their leadership և service in Burlington County on October 18 at the annual Burlington County Awards, organized by the County Women’s Advisory Board. The board also provides scholarships to three high school graduates for advocacy, scholarship, and interest in women.

“Each of these women comes from different walks of life,” said Felicia Hopson, a spokeswoman for the Press Service. “But they each had a great impact on our state.”

For more than two decades, the council has recognized women’s contributions to the Burlington area, but this is the first year it has recognized first responders, front-line staff.

“The council wanted to recognize the outstanding service rendered by women leaders during the epidemic,” Hopson said.

The reception will take place on October 18, at 5 pm. 30 at Riverton Country Club, 1416 Highland Ave.


Fosia Jan Anjua, Volunteering

Recently elected Mount Laurel Council member Jan Anjou is an “energetic community organizer”, the community’s South Ersey Jersey, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that distributes food and care packages to Camden shelters, community centers, and mosques.

Helen Barsock, mentorship

Barsok has coached softball for more than 15 years, educating and encouraging girls to “see themselves as talented young women.” She is a board member of the United Girls Softball Association, which organizes softball leagues across South Ersey և in Philadelphia համար for assistant coach Medford to the 18-year-old Renegades Softball team.

Spa Sally Landrum, Law / Law Enforcement

Landrum has been a community engagement officer at the Willingborough Police Department since 2019, working with religious leaders and community leaders to create news for engaging vulnerable populations.

Holly Funkhauser-Cucutsella, Health

Dr. Funkhuser-Kukutsela, Burlington County Health Department Health Officer, whose leadership was “particularly exceptional” during the outbreak, oversees all of the county’s public health programs, including its rapid and comprehensive response system.

Phyllis Warrell, frontline employee

A member of numerous regional և state կառավարման public health կառավարման emergency management committees, Worrell volunteers as the Health Coordinator of the Department of Emergency Management. In this role, he oversees the activities of the Community Emergency Response Team;

Assembly Representative Carol Murphy, Government

In her second term, Assemblywoman Murphy is an “advocate for women’s rights and equality,” a volunteer with the Women in Opportunity Center’s Displaced Household Program, and the current sponsor of the New Ersey County “Women’s Socio-Economic Status” Bills.

Shannon Gibson, Community Service

Gibson, a licensed clinical social worker, runs several programs at Oaks Integrated Care, a nonprofit organization that provides mental health and addiction services to children, adults, and families. These include Foster Flex, School based Youth Services, Teenage Parenting, relaxing and mentor programs.

Kathleen Horton, corporate leadership

As Chief Financial Officer of South Ersey Yersi Food Bank, Horton changed the organization’s financial structure and updated its technology. Both achievements positioned the food bank to deal with security issues and unprecedented resource demands due to the epidemic.

Saima Buta, Diversity / Inclusion

Bhutan, a health care provider, community activist, volunteer and political leader, has spent the past 25 years fighting for justice and social justice in the South Ersey. Some of his accomplishments include helping to establish the Pakistan South American Society of South Ersey և the Muslim Federation of South Ersey Yersey, providing health care for homeless people in the Camden area through Project HOPE և Camden County Catholic charities, and feeding families in need during the epidemic. և building bridges of understanding between several faith groups in the South Ersey Yersiև.

Amanda Casel, Education

Cassel is the Assistant and Headmaster of Lenape High School և Senior Education Special Officer for Lenape County School District. Recognizing the disproportionate ratio of male administrators in the region, Ogn created a program that connected female leaders with the entire LRSD and contributed to their professional success. He also founded the Wellness Center at LHS, which provides students with mental health resources.

Lori Engler, first responder

For more than 20 years as a firefighter, Engler “worked around the clock to help the people of Burlington County.” At the age of 16, she became the first female firefighter to volunteer with the Borstentown Fire Association. When he is not working as an EMT, he responds to fire calls and educates students about fire safety.

Skylar Brotz, Alice Paul Champion Award:

A graduate of Delran High School, Broz is a staunch supporter of women’s rights. She has led a campaign to raise awareness about sexual harassment in her workplace and hopes to help create legislation that will better protect survivors of sexual harassment. Currently attending Rowan College in Burlington, he plans to move to William’s Mary College in the spring to attend law school one day to work with the American Civil Liberties Union.

Maya Tanikawa-Brown, Celeste Arties Award

Tanikawa-Brown, a graduate of North Burlington Regional High School, has spent time at NBRHS working to make the university more equitable and inclusive. Outside of school, she volunteered with One Choice, a women’s health organization in Pausa County, Mercer. He now specializes in food science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, hopes to work for the FDA to prevent foodborne pathogens, and conserve food. security.

Macaila Scott, Elizabeth Coleman White STEM Award

A graduate of Westlington Institute of Technology in Burlington, Scott has a long history of volunteering and plans to become a physiotherapist. She promoted blood flow through American Health Care Students, participated in various community service women empowerment programs at Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. at Rancocas Valley Chapter, Inc., and organized the shoe movement for Soles 4 Souls. She plans to study kinesiology at Delaware State University and graduate from physiotherapy school.