For DC Law Firm Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI), company culture means so much more than PTO days և work remotely vs. IRL.

The organization launched its program last week Own Equity Initiative in the Workplace, focusing on how eliminating racism in the workplace can actually help improve the physical and mental well-being of black women workers. The initiative is supported by $ 1 million in grant funding William և Flora Hewlett Foundation, hopes to develop sustainable strategies for overcoming inequalities in the workplace with the aim of improving the overall health of black women.

Angelica RiversBWHI’s chief strategist told that black women age 7.5 years faster than their whites because of racial discrimination, which is often exacerbated in the workplace.

“What people do not think about is the trauma of racism, gender discrimination, and how it can affect your confidence,” Getter said. “And how people deal with stress in their bodies is different for everyone.”

The initiative has three pillars to make a real, tangible change in the workplace in the United States.

  • The imperative will create a first Corporate Justice Index, which evaluates companies և indicates which jobs are safe for black women.
  • It will develop training programs tailored to each company on best practices to reduce racism in the workplace, to support black women workers.
  • He developed it The art of health tools with empowerment խորհուրդ health tips to help black women orient racism in the workplace. This will include instructions on how to contact health care, how to get a mentor, how to negotiate salary promotions.

“We are talking about the impact of racism on our health, how it affects our stress levels,” Getter said. “It affects us at the mobile level, but there are no national standards to say this is what black women need to thrive at work. “This is the kind of support that black women need to be able to manage their stress levels, to be able to rise in certain positions, to have the emotions they want.”

“Every year we lose thousands of black women because of the stress of racism and discrimination. So we need to improve our quality of life. ”

Angelica Rivers, BWHI

According to the BWHI, single women lose an average of $ 964,400 in their lifetime due to income disparities. Such trends, according to Getter, mean that single women often leave companies in search of better pay (another stress); Many times recruiters work to get these employees behind closed doors, but they do not make enough effort to keep them there, this is where such initiatives come from.

Physically, Getter noted that digestive problems, heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, and other health effects may be related to how black women process their stress levels. In fact, he noted, there may also be regular racism in the workplace increase the risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder for black women.

“It affects our body in a very real way,” Getter said. “So if we do not do something, our lives are in danger. We lose thousands of black women every year because of the stress of racism and discrimination. So we need to improve our quality of life. We must be able to invest resources, policies, practices, and change the system to protect our health. ”

In partnership with the initiatives, Getner said BWHI is holding strategic meetings with executives to get feedback on the project. In addition, he noted that he would eventually like to set up an advisory board of executives to see how the organization can make more changes.

“It’s not enough to say, well, there can be bias here, we can have some inappropriate behavior, we have to move it a little bit,” Getter said. “We need to expand it so that we can change the culture, change the policy, change the way we work, create a more supportive work environment.”