• Mental Health ակի Integration with the Welfare Platform provides comprehensive employee health support to Wellteq clients in the APAC market
  • The first programs will focus on employee sleep: anxiety, where research has shown that mental health decline in 42% of employees worldwide since the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • This integration complements the already influential market offer to employers and insurance companies in the fast-growing multibillion-dollar industry.
  • The integrated solution will initially be launched in the Asia-Pacific region for geographical expansion in 2022.

VANCAVER, British Columbia, August 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wellteq Digital Health Inc. (CSE: WTEQ) (OTC: WTEQF), (The Company or Wellteq) is pleased to announce that the Company has partnered with LifeSpeak (TSX: LSPK), an employee-centered mental health և welfare platform to provide expert-led mental health և Wellness education resources Wellteq’s customers in the Asia-Pacific Market (APAC). This partnership puts Wellteq’s digital healthcare ecosystem և LifeSpeak’s extensive content library into a healthier, happier workforce through personalized healthcare.

The integrated partnership enables Wellteq to strengthen its behavior change programs by incorporating LifeSpeak in-depth carefully trained educational content into its award-winning digital health և data analysis program. The Wellteq program is highly customized, providing organizations of all sizes with a flexible, simple, fast-paced digital health solution that includes features such as digital training, game challenges, rewards, recognition, and workforce analysis. Wellteq smartphone software is available in more than 30 countries in 12 languages, trusted by companies such as Garmin, UBS and Willis Towers Watson.

“The Impact of the Epidemic on Mental Health” The normalization of a dispersed workforce is the ability to provide employees with access to relevant, engaging information at any time, anywhere that provides better health outcomes, ”said Scott Montgomery, CEO of Wellteq. “We are excited to partner with LifeSpeak, which has a long history of providing highly relevant, inclusive education and health and well-being issues that most impact individuals in their personal and professional lives. in the applications of users, which initially focused on sleep, anxiety և exhaustion, which are constantly prevalent due to the epidemic. There is a significant need for these support programs. ”

LifeSpeak has nearly two decades of experience in creating ownership with leading experts in its field. All available educational resources have been developed to support a wide range of issues, including important topics such as mental health, addiction, stress management, relationships, food, fitness, and financial health. Access to this relevant content allows Wellteq to provide the information և the guide that users most need.

“Organizations may take proactive and proactive approaches to mental health issues. “Apathy is no other option; business leaders can contribute to the well-being of their people with high-quality educational resources and tools,” said Michael Held. , CEO և Founder of LifeSpeak. “The educational content, led by our experts, has helped millions of people in dozens of industries. We are pleased to partner with Wellteq, a highly innovative organization that seeks sustainable change through ongoing support and training.”

About LifeSpeak Inc.

LifeSpeak is a leading provider of mental health և general welfare education platform for organizations committed to caring for their employees and customers. With 17+ years of expert experience in creating micro-learning videos և creating other digital content ղեկավար led by thousands of experts, the depth and breadth of LifeSpeak’s own library of easy-to-use content helps companies around the world support their people anytime, anywhere. LifeSpeak serves a diverse global customer base across a wide range of industries, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, insurance providers, and other healthcare technology companies. To learn more, follow LifeSpeak on LinkedIn ( or visit

About Wellteq Digital Health Inc.

Wellteq Digital Health Inc. is a leading provider of corporate health solutions designed to provide data-driven personalized health education to engage its users in healthier behaviors. As a business model, Wellteq currently has two main customer segments: employers and insurance companies. Wellteq has secured a large multinational portfolio of clients, including reseller partners UBS, DBS և Bupa Insurance, such as Willis Towers Watson, Advanced Human Imaging և Garmin. Wellteq is developing its newly acquired Internet of Things Internet of Things (IoMT) platform for virtual care applications, which will enhance the continuity of Wellteq care from preventive healthcare to virtual healthcare. To learn more, visit

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