It’s hard to believe that this Thursday is Thanksgiving: the beginning of the holiday season. It is clear that given what we have all gone through, most people will rest and spend the new year.

Instead of waiting for 2022 to make your Christmas decisions, if you are ready for it, start making the changes you want right now. After sitting at home for about two years, you might be thinking about getting off the couch and going to the gym.

Business leaders have finally realized that their employees are human. Managers are beginning to offer employees a range of friendly initiatives to help them deal with their mental health and emotional well-being. They are also concerned about burns and the feeling of being isolated from staying at home for so long.

Advanced companies provide mental health counselors և applications. Gym memberships are offered to help their staff improve their health and feel better.

ClassPass is a way for people to make their New Year’s decisions by shaping up. The company offers members who subscribe to their service to use a range of gyms, fitness classes, gyms – health care providers, including training classes, strength training, yoga, Pilates, boxing – spa treatments such as massage, acupuncture, etc. : The company revolutionized the fitness and healthcare industry by incorporating the best lessons and experiences into one app. The platform offers members millions of lessons to attend in 30 countries around the world.

Employers who want to help their employees offer this as a health benefit. It’s also a great tool for recruiting and retaining businesses to fight for talent, to fight the stakes of the “Big Resignation” trend, which is getting hot and heavy.

ClassPass’s Corporate Programs spokesperson Bob Hammer said: He notes that 12 o’clock in the evening was the most popular time for training. That makes sense. Remote employees are not connected to the office և can leave in the middle of the day for a quick workout. For the same reasons, morning and evening trainings returned.

In addition to people who work part-time, white-collar office professionals take the time to get fit. On the days when they go to the office, 39% go to the gym or fitness studio on the way to work. About 57% stop at the gym on their way home from the office.

On days when hybrid workers are at home, they are twice as likely to try a new studio or fitness class, especially if they moved during an epidemic. Employees are present when they are at home is twice as likely to train using digital options as on-demand or live broadcast lessons.

For many professionals, according to a ClassPass survey, fitness has been one of the positive factors in keeping stress levels low. Four out of every five professionals report that exercise is very important for creating a new work-from-home routine; almost all professionals (96%) say they feel more motivated and less stressed after a workout.

There is a desire to start communicating again. Companies are concerned that they want to preserve corporate culture. To help employees meet new hires և reunite with colleagues, online group exercises are a smart way to meet both goals.

About 71% of professionals generally feel less connected with colleagues, but those who participated in team training say that they are more connected with their colleagues, և (89%) say that their work day They feel more productive after training.

Nicole Woolf, ClassPass Corporate Program Manager, says: “Offices are now more prominent in bedrooms, living rooms, making it difficult to turn off laptops and focus on self-care. We see that employers need to meet with employees where they are “physically” and geographically, providing a wide range of virtual և individual fitness offers, allowing for times when employees need to be pressured և to relax gently through yoga և meditation, like him և. the times when you need a high-impact cardio course to let off steam. It’s not fun to have the benefits of corporate health anymore, they are a must. ”